Chick A’s Top 10 Favorite Emojis.

Emojis. What would life be like without them? Soo boring. Ugggghh…thank God we don’t have to live in that colorless world and we can express our emotions with tiny pictures of faces, animals, transportation, food and yes, poop.

When I send a text or email without even ONE emoji, I feel like the person receiving said communication is going to think that I am mad at them. So, I tend to insert at least the basic 🙂 into each and every electronic transmission I send. Usually more than one. Sometimes, the 🙂 will end every sentence. Even at work. I just want to always come across as happy and upbeat…is that wrong?

I want to make it known that when I talk about this subject, I am only speaking on behalf of the 500 million+ people that own an iPhone. I cannot speak for Android users or…whatever other kinds of cell phones there are…I have no idea. Firefly? Is that one?

On one hand, Apple has given us lots of great, very useful and much needed emojis to express our every feeling. But on the other hand, they have chosen to give us some emojis that just make me think, “What in the World??” Like, why on Earth would anyone need this emoji??

This is why I have come up with two lists. Top 10 Favorite Emojis and Top 10 What in the World Emojis.

Below are my Top 10 Favorite Emojis…and the What in the World Emoji List will come out later this week!

And without further ado…

Chick A’s Top 10 Favorite Emojis

Grinning Face

This one is just a good, all around, can be used for anything pretty much, smiley face. I use it quite a bit. When I’m not sure which other one to use.


My doctor’s appointment went well. Grinning Face

Winking Face

This is probably the Number 1 emoji that I use. It’s as close to a sarcasm font as we’re ever gonna get.


I need to buy those shoes like I need to gain 10 pounds. Winking Face

Flushed Face

I love this one. It’s like, “Holy crap!” or “She said whaaattt??” or “Yeah, that’s what I did…what??” or “Is that bad??”


I left my cell phone in Vermont. Flushed Face

Grimacing Face

I tend to use this one a lot. It’s kinda like saying, “Uhh….sorry…” or “Whoops”…like maybe you sent a text to the wrong person, this one would be appropriate.


I forgot that you told me not to tell anyone about how you cried during Frozen. Grimacing Face

Heavy Black Heart

I heart this one so much. Pun intended, y’all! The red one really drives the “love” home. The other colored hearts can be used for different genres of love. Like, maybe if you were texting your Aunt, you’d use the yellow heart…I don’t know, just a suggestion.

Example: (To my darling bf)

Thanks for putting up with me during that time of the month. You’re the best. Heavy Black Heart

Front-Facing Baby Chick

I mean, of course. Come on. It’s actually better with two. Get it? Get it!?


We LOVE our Followers on! Front-Facing Baby ChickFront-Facing Baby Chick


This one is good if you’re feeling like you need to cheer someone up, but you don’t want to actually spend money on buying real flowers.


Sorry to hear that you guys broke up. He didn’t deserve you. Hibiscus

Water Wave

This one I love because I live near the ocean and I love the ocean and it reminds me of the ocean because it’s a wave…in the ocean.


Can’t wait for this weekend at Long Sands with all the crazy girls! Water Wave


This one just makes me happy. I love balloons.


(Boring, but I admit mostly used for…)

Happy Birthday!!! Balloon

Beer Mug

This one is good for when you’re sending someone party wishes.


Have fun tonight!!! Beer MugBeer MugBeer MugBeer MugBeer MugBeer MugBeer MugBeer Mug

Keep in mind that the best utilization of emojis is when you join them together to make compound emotions..

Example: (To a good friend you hadn’t seen in a long time…)

 I had so much fun last night! So glad we got to hang out. Can’t wait till the concert next week! Love you! Thumbs Up SignTwo Women Holding HandsDancerMicrophoneSparkling Heart

So, that’s my list, but before I go, I have to announce….

The winner of the Too Funny Chicks Facebook Page Poll for BEST emoji was……

Pile Of Poo

I actually don’t use this one very often. Only if like, maybe someone I know, is saying that they are not feeling well, I might just send a text like…with this emoji and three question marks…but that’s about all I’ve used it for. However, with all the reasons people gave us on Facebook of why they love it, I think I’m definitely going to have to use it more….thanks for the ideas on how to use electronic poops with smiley faces, y’all!

Check out our Facebook Page to see how others use this stinkin’ emoji or add to the convo with your tactics!

Alright, there you have it. My Top 10 Favorite Emojis. Stay tuned for my Top 10 Most What in the World Emojis blog that should be hitting the world wide web this week sometime. You won’t want to miss it. For now, please, comment below with what your favorite emojis are and why!

Gem StoneDressParty Popper

This is the emoji person that I claim as myself…just FYI:

Information Desk Person

I feel like she’s real fun and happy and saying, “Raise the Roof, y’all!!

Heart you…and heart you, emojis, for making my true, deep down emotions known…by cute little pictures…

-Chick A

Kiss Mark

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