Fat People Workout?

I’m so mad this morning. Why, you ask? Well, let me rewind to this past Friday when I was out shopping at a Marshalls and looking for workout clothes. I am obsessed with workout clothes. I workout 4-6 days a week, so I need a lot and I also care about looking super cute as often as possible, so I’ve got to keep up with that. I was looking at the very large section of Active Wear at Marshalls, like 3-4 rows and a few other racks as well. Surprisingly a lot of workout clothes at Marshalls. I looked through all of it. There were literally less than 6 items total that were size XL or above.

Sizes XS-L, that’s all you can be if you want to workout. I mean, why would anyone bigger than that be working out?? Why would fat people workout??? Silly fat people.

Here were three pants I found on a rack containing about 100 pairs of workout pants:


 This entire rack was all workout clothes…not one thing was over a size large:


This world and its fat shaming is incredibly sad, ridiculous and maddening. I’ve written about the minuscule amount of choices that overweight women have in the fashion arena before in my article, “How About I Just Wear This Curtain?” But, it’s something that seems to not be changing. You would think that with the average American woman being size 14, that someone would be smart enough to elevate this market. Not because, God Forbid, they cared about how overweight women felt and that making great quality, form flattering, moderately priced fashions would be something that most American women would totally dig, but because this is a HUGE gap in the marketplace that someone could become a bazillionaire by getting into.

I had this same conversation with friends at the Barn (where I workout) this morning and it came to my attention that the company known for it’s very popular, yet very high-priced and tiny-sized workout gear, LuLuLemon, had been caught up in some bad press surrounding some fat shaming comments made by it’s former owner. So, of course, I had to look this up. You’ll understand why he’s the “former” CEO.

Here are a few articles about it:

Huffington Post

New York Magazine

Daily Mail Online

He basically believes that only skinny women should be wearing his company’s clothes. That women with thighs that occasionally touch should not be trying to wear their workout pants.

In the Daily Mail link, there is a video of Chip Wilson, Founder of LuLuLemon Athletica, apologizing for his comments about “Customers’ fat thighs were to blame for his yoga pants being see-through.” In the last line of his statement he implores the LuLu Employees to, “Stay in a conversation that is above the fray. I ask you to prove that the culture you have built, cannot be chipped away.” Or in other words, “I don’t care what those fatties say, keep making really tiny workout clothes.”

Click here to watch a great segment from Good Morning America about Chip Wilson’s apology.

One of the many things that kills me about this story is the fact that the “plus-size” clothes that they are referring to are sizes 10 and 12. That’s “plus-size”….shit, what is size 18/20 then?? What about size 24?? Are those considered “Tent Size”? Maybe these sized people should just shop at Coleman or Camping World!

It’s kind of weird that this past weekend, before I heard about this story about LuLuLemon, my sister and I were out and about and both wanting to find some new workout clothes, so she had mentioned going to check out the LuLuLemon Outlet near our house. I knew that this would not be a place for me to find anything because I had checked out their stuff online and first of all, a pair of workout or yoga pants are approximately $100. So, being somewhat frugal and not yet a millionaire, I knew this wasn’t going to be my jam at LuluLemon. The clothes in this store are first of all, painfully and ridiculously overpriced…as my sister said (who is not plus-sized, by the way…) walking out of the store, “What are your workout pants stitched together with?? Gold thread??” It was insane…and we were at the OUTLET! Plus, price and size aside, sorry LuLu, most of your clothes were incredibly unattractive and nothing I would wear being plus-sized or Kate Moss-ian sized. And, I’m not just saying that out of anger, truly.

Like any other brand that is hot, it’s just a status thing, “I have LuLuLemon Yoga Pants…” That’s fine, I can be snobby too. I get it. But, hey, Triple L, did you know that I am plus-size AND snobby as well?? That can happen, you know…if I didn’t find out your company was such a jerk and made sizes that fit someone that teeters on the “chubby” side (but is working on it!!) then I might have put a pair of your stupid workout pants on my Christmas List this year!! (I hate that I’m saying this, because there truly were none that even appealed to me in the store, but maybe they would have some cuter ones online… :/ )

For instance, here is a very simple black pair that I would work the hell out of…

Wunder Under Crop*Fullux

These are $72!!!! AND…the CHEAPEST pair on the site. To me, that is insanity. You are SWEATING like a pig in them. You’re not going to the Prom in them!! Why are they so expensive?? Because they last for 20 years? Is that why? I mean, like I said, I like brand names to a certain extent. I have my eye on some totally awesome Frye Motorcycle Boots, they’re actually sitting in my Amazon cart as I type. But here’s the thing, I will have those boots FOREVER. They will be willed to my future daughter or my current step-daughter…whoever has big feet like me. They only get better with time. This is fact. These pants?? I guarantee that after two years max, they aren’t in circulation anymore in your workout closet. I can’t say this for sure, because I have never owned any, but I’m willing to make that assumption.

So, bottom line of this Monday Rant? Shame on you, Marshall’s for having 389 pairs of workout pants and 3 pairs were bigger than a Large. And shame on you, LuLuLemon for being so out of touch with all women. These skinny, athletic, millionaires, that you solely cater to…it’s kind of a niche market, wouldn’t you think? But no, as I just perused some financials online about this yoga pants giant, they are not hurting in the least. Their stock is up, they have over 250 stores worldwide and growing, fit chicks (I love them, not a hater, I swear, but just saying…) are buying em up like fat chicks are buying Spanx. So, what’s the problem? None for LuLu, I guess. They don’t care. They’re like, “LuLuLemon: We hate fat people and we’re okay with that.”  (This really isn’t a quote, I just made it up…it’s a quote by me. 🙂 )

Actually, on their website, they say that their “Original Intent” for starting LuLuLemon was for: “Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness.” (When they say “the world” they mean, “skinny, affluent people”) Their Mission Statement? “Creating components for people to live longer, healthier, fun lives.” (As long as those “people” are thin and really pretty…)

I applaud stores like Old Navy and The Gap for offering sizes that work for most and are generally under $30.

Here’s the thing, there’s always going to be stores that serve only a specific genre of person. Should I be mad at Game Stop because I don’t like playing video games? No, of course not. And I know some people will say that maybe I’m hating on skinny people or why should I care if LuLuLemon makes size XL yoga pants or not? To that I’d say, I’m not a hater of anyone at all, Chick E is super thin and I heart her…and why do I care? Why am I mad? Because I want to feel included. Like, I matter…as a consumer. That just because I am overweight, doesn’t mean I don’t have the same desires as thin women for fitness and fashion. I just feel like a store like LuLuLemon that claims to promote healthy lifestyles, which is something that is desired by people of all sizes, should not discriminate against people like me. People who are not a size 4, but still are super cute, enjoy fitness, are fit and work hard every day to get even more fit… and happen to love fashion and are also kinda snobby about brand names. Why can’t you include me in your mission to dress people so that they can “live longer, healthier, fun lives”??

Listen, I’ll deadlift my ass off in my Old Navy workout pants…

It just seems like that would be right of them. But hey, it’s their prerogative and they’re not hurting financially from not offering bigger sized pants…LuLuLemon or Marshalls, for that matter.

If anyone reading this wants to fund a TooFunnyChicks, affordable and fun fitness line for all sized peeps, let me know. 🙂

Heart you, whatever size yoga pants you wear,

-Chick A


P.S. Just to make you a little madder at Chip Wilson, I also found this…

Controversial statements by founder

Founder Chip Wilson has said that he was inspired to name the company “Lululemon” because of Japanese peoples’ inability to pronounce the letter “L”, and the extra effort they would have to make to pronounce the name would work as a marketing tool in that country. “It’s funny to watch them try and say it,” he said.

Wilson has also stated that he favors child labor in developing countries, claimed that cigarette smoking and the birth control pill led to high divorce rates and the prominence of breast cancer in the 1990s, and that all these factors led to the founding of Lululemon, and that his company does not make clothes for plus-size women because it costs too much money.

Why Do You Hate Fat People So Much, Chip? And the Japanese? And Children?


6 responses to “Fat People Workout?

  1. I just worked out for an hour and burned over 500 calories and feel healthy and awake- in my pajamas and slippers. No excuses.


  2. And believe me, I’m going to add that Hyde Yoga styles are casual
    isn’t casual implied in the world, you’ve to ensure that your yoga routine begs the question, isn’t it?

    So that is comfy for you to reduce your extra weight.
    This one yoga pants is on the perfect fit.


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  4. I think you should write a post about how creepy the internet is. Ever since I read this post and (obviously) clicked on the link for the Frye boot (which are super cute btw), Amazon is emailing me about similar boots and all my facebook ads are about Frye boots. Super. Creepy.


  5. With cycling kit the more expensive it is, generally it is better quality/ more comfortable (which is key for bib shorts). Ernest Gagnon has written on his 2 Facebook pages about his experiences as big guy who took up cycling to change his life and how hard it was at first to find kit in XXXL sizes. He’s actually become a bit of a personality in the cycling community and a role model/ inspiration that he has started to get sponsors.


  6. I agree that workout clothes are ridic in the size department. When I go shopping at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s for yoga pants I am always a size L. Always. And typically I wear between a size 8 and 10 in pants and can do a size S-M in shirts. So what the hell? I always wondered while trying on the pants what people who were bigger than me would do? It’s like there are NO options. It’s bullshit! If I were just a bit bigger I would be shit out of luck. What the hell! It’s seriously out of hand because people who want to work out should be ABLE to workout and find clothes to do so. I also think that many of these CEO’s of big clothing companies are asses. Have you seen the shit that came out of the Abercrombie and Fitch CEO’s mouth a while back? Seriously? These are always rich white guys. Lame. Super extra lame.
    Also I totally agree about the pricing of these clothes. The yoga pants would never last more than a year or two, especially if you are working out regularly. There’s no way. I say, stick to the stores that are treating you right and screw these other guys. And keep buying Frye boots up the ying-yang. That shit is quality that will last!


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