Grocery Shopping: A Cart Full Of Stress?

Just thought I’d dig this one out of the archives for all of you that will have to battle at the grocery store tomorrow. You’re Welcome. 🙂

Too Funny Chicks


People at the grocery store.

They’re looking for food they can’t find. They’re generally in a hurry. Sometimes they have kids with them that aren’t the best behaved. They’re trying to understand how all the fruit rules work. (“See how that cantaloupe rolls to right?? That’s a GOOD one!” -Jerry Seinfeld.) And…..they have metal apparatuses with often out of control wheels. All of this equals people in not the best of moods.

Honestly, I love grocery shopping. When I go on vacation, I actually go out of my way to go to the local grocery store, to see what things look like in there. Is it different from MY grocery store? I have to know!

But, in general, I understand how people could hate it. It’s one of those things that a lot of people hate to do, but have to, because…people need groceries…right? Well, I guess you could eat…

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