Monday’s Rant: Mountain Hardware Fleece Hates Safety

Hello Readers,

Time for our weekly rant (Mondays bring out the worst in us).  I thought today I would take a turn to rant a bit about Chick A’s favorite hot button issue, customer service.

I have a Mountain Hardwear fleece, a “monkey fur” fleece like this one here. It’s amazing. I love it. Super warm, super soft. Just one problem…it’s got this gross, matted down line across the front from where the seat belt goes.

I’m huge into checking into company’s warranties. You’d be surprised how many companies back their products and are willing to fix or replace things. I figured I would take a shot on the fleece and see where it took me. It just doesn’t seem right that wearing a seat belt should be ruining my jacket (which was not cheap, by the way).


My fleece does not look like this, but there was no way I wasn’t using this picture in this post. What….in…..the….world….

I started by emailing the company. “Promptly” two days later, I receive a response saying they do not have time to reply to my email and give me an 800 number to call.

Fine. No big deal. So today I call, and the following is the conversation that happened…

Customer Service Representative (CSR): Columbia something or other, how can I help you? He really didn’t say “something or other,” I just don’t remember the rest.
Me: Oh. Columbia? Do you help with Mountain Hardwear issues?
CSR: Yes. Then there’s some discussion about this. Apparently Columbia acquired Mountain Hardwear. Which immediately knocks the brand down in my mind. I can buy a Columbia fleece for like $15 at Target. (I’m a total label whore. :/ It’s bad, I know.)
Me: Anyway, I’m having an issue with my monkey fur fleece. Some back and forth trying to get this gentleman to understand what “gross and matted down” means.
CSR: Let me put you on hold while I see what I can do for you.
Hideous hold music
CSR: Hello, m’am?
Me: Yes?
CSR: Yes, I’ve checked on this for you and that fleece was not designed to be worn with seat belts.
Me: silence
CSR: M’am?
Me: Yea I’m still here. Could you repeat that?
CSR: Yes, that fleece was not designed to be worn with seat belts.
Me: You do realize how ridiculous you sound right now, right?
CSR: silence
Me: So you mean to tell me that I cannot wear my jacket in the car? Do you own any jackets that you cannot wear in the car?
CSR: more awkward silence
Me: Do you have a manager or a Supervisor I can speak with? Oh God, I’m becoming Chick A
CSR: M’am they will just tell you the same thing that I’ve already told you.
Me: What, that I cannot wear my jacket in the car?


Maybe I’ll have to buy something like this so I can wear my fleece jacket in my car. Wow, she really committed there, even the seats look like something from the Muppet Movie.

It went on a bit like this without resolution.  I have apparently purchased a fleece that cannot be worn in the car.  Or it can, but then I cannot wear my seat belt and I would instead have to listen to that annoying beeping the entire ride and risk my life for the well being of my jacket.

Is it just me or is this insane?  Mountain Hardware, can you please redesign all of your jackets that currently are not meant to be worn with seat belts?  Help a Chick out, would you?  Because I really, really, want to continue to overpay for your apparel.  I think we have a good thing going and want to keep it that way.  Thanks.

-Chick E

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