5 Stupid Things That Make Me Really Mad

As if life wasn’t stressful enough, I get mad about the dumbest things…

Here’s 5…

1. When I write someone a check and it takes them two months to cash it.

Maybe go here?

2. Electrical cords in view.

OMG, I’ll snap.

3. When I have to turn my calendars.

Maybe there’s a deeper meaning to this, but I hate changing calendars. Maybe it’s because I have like 27 calendars in my life….?

4. When celebrities, who don’t yet deserve it, have nicknames for their fans. 

This is acceptable.

This girl’s name is Sugar Joans. She’s competing on the singing show, The Voice, and is in the second round of eliminations. She’s already calling her “fans” …… “Sugarbabies”…. This is not acceptable.

5. Peeing. I drink a lot of water, so I have to do it A LOT. UGH.

There’s a meme for EVERYTHING.

Of course, there’s many, many other stupid things that make me out of my mind mad, but I’ll stop there, for now.

What things that are kinda dumb to get mad about make you mad?

Trying to get a hold of myself,

-Chick A


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