Chick E Also Gets Mad About Really Stupid Things

Much Like Chick A, I Too Get So Mad Over The Dumbest Stuff…

Here’s 5…

1.  When I have emails in my Inbox.  Especially when I’ve worked so hard to get down to next to nothing in there, like before vacation, and then a bunch come through right before I’m about to leave.  Email Inboxes are basically to-do lists.  I hate to-do lists.


So much email stress

2.  When people’s pants are too short or too long.


Come on Victoria! You should know better!


Ugh…literally drives me insane.

3.  Stupid names that people give their kids.  These kids have to live with these names!  FOREVER!  I swear, people today just mash together random syllables and call it a day.

baby names

Taylee? Nayvie??? LAKYNN??????  THESE AREN’T EVEN NAMES!

4.  Those sinks that you have to hold the handle for any water to come out.


And they always look this gross. How am I supposed to wash my hands when I can’t get them under the water because I need them to keep the water going? And it’s either hot or cold, not both. Or I guess you’d just always have to have a friend there to help you out. I don’t know…either way, these sinks make ZERO sense. They make me so angry.

5. When Mr. Chick E hangs the kitchen towel up on the stove.  He always does it the wrong way.  We’ve been together for 14 years and I really don’t think it’s intentional, but sometimes I wonder…


This is the wrong way, clearly. EVERY SINGLE TIME he hangs the towel backwards. Honestly, it’s so stupid but bothers me so much. I can’t say anything though…that would literally be the dumbest conversation ever. “Babe, you are hanging the towel up the wrong way.” No one wants to be married to that B.


So every single night, I fix it. :/ I have issues.

What stupid things drive you insane?  I bet at least half of them drive the Chicks insane too.  🙂

-Chick E


5 responses to “Chick E Also Gets Mad About Really Stupid Things

  1. toiler paper must come over the top like a waterfall, if it comes from the underside it’s all wrong. this was ingrained into my being during the 9 years spent working at the Steakhouse & Lord’s Harborside Restaurants.


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