Does Beyonce Have An HMO and 9 Other Things The Chicks Wonder…

The Chicks wonder A LOT of things.

We’re generally ALL over the place in our thoughts and discussions.

Here’s an inside look at 10:

1. Does Beyonce have an HMO or a PPO? How does celebrity health insurance work? Are they just paying full price for dental cleanings and having babies?

2. Why are they still making white crayons?

3. Should New Kids on the Block change their name to be more age appropriate? Same goes for Backstreet Boys.

4. Do Bill and Hilary still have sex?

5. Why is it called a “T” shirt? Maybe I’ll invent an “A” Shirt. “I’ll just go throw on jeans and an A-Shirt.”

6. Why are chips and salsa so amazing?

7. Are there women out there that LIKE to get dirty pictures of men’s… know?? Because we can’t imagine there are. Shivers with ickness.

Get it? It’s a picture of junk….

8. How is there still a person that says, “I think I’ll open a book store!” Huh?? Have you ever heard of this place called the internet and a website called “Amazon“??

9. What’s up with the Starbucks Logo? Is she a mermaid?  Is she holding up her legs on the side of her? She must be super flexible. How come her hair isn’t attached to her head? 

10. Where’d Pee Wee Herman go? I know he got in some trouble in the 90’s, which is kinda dumb, it’s not like it was a movie theater that was playing “An American Tale: Fievel Goes West”….you know what I’m sayin’?? He should come back. I liked him. 











What is the secret word today, Chairy??

So….What do you wonder?? The crazier, the better! Let us know!

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-The Chicks

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