Duggar Wedding Mysteries #2

Jessa Duggar Wedding Details: The Vows, The Dress, The Cake and The First Kiss

The headline of the People.com article “3 Surprising Things Not at Jessa Duggar’s Wedding“… really had the Chick’s brains all abuzz!!

(If you haven’t read Chick A’s article about the previous Duggar Wedding, please do so first, here.)

Here are our 3 best guesses for what 3 Surprising Things were NOT at Jessa Duggar’s Wedding.

(And know that we did NOT read the article first.)

1. Root Beer Floats. We’re guessing that they learned their lesson from Jill and Derrick’s reception. This is just a logistical nightmare. I hope they just had bottles of water and cans of soda pop this time.

2. The song, “The Humpty Dance” by Digital Underground…or anything by Pitbull.

3. At least 4 pregnant Duggars women.

Now we will read the article and check our guesses!

The actual 3 Surprising Things NOT at Jessa and Ben’s Wedding were:

1. A First Kiss. They wanted to have their very first kiss of all time be in private. The Pastor asked Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar to show the 1,000 guests a Duggar kiss. Talk about a let down for those 1,000 guests and the secret paparazzi that were in the church.

2. A Wedding Cake. This made me shake my head. Alright fine, you don’t like cake. That’s fine. But guess what they had??? For 1,000 PEOPLE??? Ice cream Sundaes!!! I mean, that’s ALMOST as bad as Root Beer Floats! Again, with the logistics of scooping all that ice cream and replenishing the multiple toppings and don’t get me started on ALL those kids that must have been there and having hundreds of cans of whipped cream!! Total nightmare.

3. The Bride did not wear white. She actually chose a blush colored gown. Do you think she’s holding a secret?? Or, is she just a rebel?? Either way, I like it.

So, we didn’t really get any of them correct. But, I think we had some good guesses.

Congrats Jessa and Ben. Can’t wait to see your first born in 9 months and 1 day. 🙂

-The Chicks


2 responses to “Duggar Wedding Mysteries #2

    • A bride can wear any color, pinoy. I mean, there aren’t any laws about it….yet…….but maybe there should be. Like, a hunter green wedding dress? That should probably be illegal. But, blush colored, I’ll allow it.


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