Remember thisWhen I had a bit of a rant about how dumb hashtags are?  I think this is one of the rare times you will hear me say this (read me write this)…so listen (read) closely:  I was wrong.

hashtag ta

#doyougetit? #prettyfunnyright?

In the last few months, you may have noticed an increase in my hashtag usage on the Facebook. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I would like to be self-absorbed and think that you have. OK? Can that just happen? And maybe you’ve thought to yourself, “Huh, I thought Chick E hates hashtags. What’s up with that?”

Let me tell you what’s up with that. I was led astray, that’s what. I was led to believe hashtags had to be used in the cheesiest fashions possible, like #lovemyhusband, or #makesmemelt, or #blessed, or #instalove, or #myheart, or #soulmate (blahhhhh). (Maybe I’m just really cynical. Is that it? Do I just maybe hate people that are so over the top in love? Nah…that can’t be it.) (BTW no one believes you are that in love when you post like this on social media.  In fact, we, your followers, begin to place bets on when the breakup will happen.  :/  Sawree).

Anyway, these horrible cheesy captions on pictures of peoples’ lives were driving me crazy! They still drive me crazy! But you know what? Hashtags serve another purpose. They serve the purpose of adding utterly ridiculous captions to pictures. And for that, I thank you hashtag. I was wrong to hate you.  Your comedic value is limitless.  They are such a fun way to express ridiculous thoughts.  Like the title of this blog, totally ridiculous.  Practically unreadable.  Hilarious.  Well in my own head anyway.

Chick A and I like to use hashtags that are super long and likely never used by anyone else in the world. The purpose of hashtags is to group like posts/pictures, so this totally defeats the purpose, but it makes for some crazy funny ones. Take a look:

Too Funny Chicks - Internet Explorer_2014-11-10_19-37-02

Ridic hashtags. The last one is the best. Also, these hats are nuts. Whaaattt is right.

I think if we could all start using hashtags for the greater good, to make people laugh rather than to be all sappy and whatnot, the world would be a better place for us all.  Let’s start today.  Today, make it a point to use one ridiculous hashtag that will make someone laugh.

#imsorrywefoughthashtag #youreallyarentthatbad #itssohardtointentionallyleaveoutspacesandpunctuation #seeitsfunny #right?

-Chick E

PS. Before you hashtag, read it, ok?  REALLY read it.  Think about how all of those smashed up letters look and can be misread.  Always remember this epic Susan Boyle hashtag failure.


#susanalbumparty See how that works? Susan Album Party becomes Su’s Anal Bum Party. Forever…………….


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