Chick E Gives the Real Outlander Review

Hi Everyone,

Chick E here, to give a real review of the book, “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon.  Chick A gave a pretty solid attempt.  Check it out here.  But since she was only paying 83% attention, I thought I would help to fill in some gaps.

I have a good friend who reads many, many books.  She is sort of a genius.  I think people who read a lot have to be geniuses, even if they’re only reading fiction.  I read, but not a lot.  Maybe three books a year.  I think that’s a solid effort considering all of the things going on in life.  I will say, though, that when I start a book that I love, I can read it in about a week, maybe two.  If you do that math I should be reading 30ish books a year.  I’m clearly slacking.

I wonder if Evil-Geniuses Read…

Anyway, said friend gave me Outlander probably three months ago.  She said that she loved the book, has read it more than once, and wanted me to read it.  I have to say, when I started, I wasn’t immediately hooked.  It took a good 100 pages before I couldn’t put it down, so if you’re starting it, give it at least that many before you quit.

I’ll tell you about it, how I understand it, which might not be correct, but it’s my blog, so…..

2FC_Logo (2)

The story starts with the main character Claire and her husband Frank on a 2nd honeymoon in Scotland at the end of World War II, where he was a something-or-other and she was a nurse.  They’d been apart for 5-ish years so this is sort of a re-connecting vacation.  Frank is a history teacher, and frankly a bit boring.  They are doing the typical touristy stuff, including hiking to this supposedly magical rock formation, where they see a group of local woman performing some sort of rising sun ceremony (or something like that…that’s close enough).  Anyway, Claire goes back to this rock formation to check out a flower she saw, and innocently reaches out to touch a rock that sounds like it is buzzing, and she is suddenly back in Scotland during the 1700’s! She quickly realizes this when she is semi-abducted by a clan of Scots, one of whom is Jamie, quite possibly the hottest fictional book character ever.  (It’s really funny to have a crush on a fake person).

It’s kinda like Braveheart, except not at all.

Anyway, lots of things happen to the characters that I won’t go into (in case some of you out there are more literate than Chick A and want to read the book), but I will give this much away:  Jamie and Claire are made to get married for a myriad of reasons, and wind up (of course) falling in love.  It is literally the best love story since Noah and Allie in The Notebook.  “I lost you once, I think I can do it again.” Ughhhhhh.  God I love that movie.  Funny enough, I’ve never read that book.  I fear that may be the only time in life I’d ever say the movie was better than the book.  I should really read that book.


So read it, OK?  And then we can talk about it.  I don’t want to really talk about it here, because I don’t want to give anything away.  I’m on book #2 of the series (it’s a series, did I mention that?), and these books may be a little bit ruining my life.  I have stopped cooking dinners and bathing the kids, because all I want to do is read.  What has happened to me???

-Chick E

PS. The Chicks have agreed to read The Notebook (which means Chick E will read it and explain the differences between the book and the movie to Chick A). (She’s telling me she’s really going to read it.  I don’t believe her.)



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