The Birthday Blog I Promised My Cousin When I Had Too Many Rum Punches

A few weeks ago, my youngest cousin texted me the following:

“Remember that time this summer when you were drunk and told me that you’d write a blog for me for my birthday? Well, it’s coming up…just wanted to remind you.”

It was something along those lines.


One: I am obviously not setting a good example for my younger family members.

Two: I shouldn’t make promises about writing blogs for people when I am under the influence of adult beverages.

Three: Who else have I promised to write a blog for???

Four: I love that she cared so much that I write a blog for her that she sent me a reminder text.

Five: I wonder what I was wearing that night that I told her that….did I look cute? Hmmm….

Happy Birthday to my darling cousin, Chick M. She’s 22 years old today. She’s the youngest of 8 girls. Well, the youngest of 5 sisters and 3 girl cousins. But, we’re just like the “eight of us”….or more like “Eight is Enough”…it used to be “Seven is Enough”, but then we realized we needed one more to make it right. But, that’s a whole other blog…(Love ya Chick T <3)

She’ll have no idea who these people are. But, if this picture was the Eight of Us, she’d be Nicholas. I’d be Joanie.

Chick M is one of the sweetest people that I have ever met. The lot of us girls may not be known for our “sweetness”, but Chick M certainly makes up for that. She’s kind and loving and caring and beautiful inside and out. She plays basketball like….I was gonna say, Larry Bird, but I feel like my Uncle won’t like that, so, I won’t say that. Let’s just say she’s an incredible basketball player. She’s brave, she moved away from all she had known to go to college, she’s hilarious, she’s in my family, of course she is.

Let’s take a look at some photos of Chick M, Chick A and some other awesome Chicks, shall we?

015 (22)

One time we snuck away from the beach early. This is unheard of in our family. And very frowned upon. We didn’t care! We’re CRAZY!

the girls

We’re not a very happy bunch….and we don’t like laughing.


001 (13)

Chick M debated between a career as a professional basketball player and a hair stylist. Although she chose bball, she still dabbles in hair.

042 (8)

We are a shy, modest, painfully quiet group.


girls (3)

The only reason Chick T (#8) is missing from this photo is because she was getting other photos taken of her, in a gorgeous white dress. 🙂



Oh Hi. We’re Dorks.


Huh? NO! We HADN’T been drinking!

Being the two youngest of each clan, we have a bit of a “we’re the baby” bond. These are some of our baby pictures…

050 (24)

Glasses On.


051 (22)

Glasses Off.


052 (23)

One On. One Off.

So here it is, Chick M. I hope this blog was worth all the anticipation from when I agreed to do it this summer. Or at least, when you told me that I agreed to do it this summer. (Gotta cut back on the Rum Punches….)

Hope you have an amazing birthday and year ahead that is a awesome, fun and wonderful as you are.

I heart you so much,

-Chick A


054 (3)

See?? This is what you get when you ask someone to blog about you! 😛 Love ya.



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