Put Your Dumb Smart Phones Down People!

So often in life, whether it be sitting on my couch watching some concert on TV, you know maybe a Beyoncé concert they’re showing on Paladia or maybe it’s a Michael Bublé Christmas Special, I see something that really bothers and saddens me. No, I’m not talking about my lost dreams of being on stage…something else.

I’m talking about how almost every single person in the audience is just standing there holding up their arms, clenching onto their smartphones. Capturing every single second on video. Or maybe they’re taking 16,000 photos, I don’t know, either way.

Aren’t your arms getting tired??

Here’s the thing…when you’re doing that, you’re not EXPERIENCING what is going on in front of you. I remember doing this at my niece’s dance recital last year…just sitting there holding the phone (heehee), and my arms were hurting and I was getting stressed about the sound quality and people bumping into me and how I was wondering if I had early stages of whatever Katherine Hepburn had that made her shake so much. And, my adorable niece’s recital was over. I didn’t EXPERIENCE it fully. I didn’t take in her vibe, her actions, her personality, her incredibly dancing! (Okay, no, she was 7, she mostly stood there and spun around occasionally, but still….she was AWESOME!) Because I wanted to capture it on film. And listen, I get it. You want to have those moments to show your niece when she’s 24 years old and thinks she knows everything and she needs an embarrassment check…or you want to be able to prove to people that you were, in fact, at a Beyoncé show. I get it. But, like, take a couple photos. Video for like 30 seconds and then just BE IN THE MOMENT.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Queen Bey too….

I thought of this again the other night whilst watching the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Special that I watch every year. I love it, I mean I don’t Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade love it, but I really like it. But, when Mariah Carey was performing the opening number of what else? All I Want For Christmas Is You….at the end of her performance, people didn’t even clap…and that wasn’t because she hit a few bad notes and were feeling sad because she doesn’t seem to be able to sing like she used to, but because they ALL had both hands on either sides of their smart phones and couldn’t stop videoing! That’s just rude, people.

Life is short. That’s what they say. I’m not sure about that saying, sometimes life seems really long, but the thing is, it COULD BE short…so stop seeing life through the tiny screen of a smart phone or camera. Capture the moment with a snap, snap or a Vine length video (it’s a social media thing, videos can only be 6 seconds long…basically all you ever need…) and then, put the apparatus in your pocket or bra (like me) and REALLY be a part of what’s going on before you. It looks WAY better than watching it later on your computer, I promise.

And that’s my rant for this Monday. Thanks for listening and please, comment below with how you feel about this topic. Maybe I should just MYOB…maybe you’re right…I’ll think about it…

Hearting you,

-Chick A


3 responses to “Put Your Dumb Smart Phones Down People!

  1. Couldn’t agree more! My biggest peeve when at a concert is the blood curdling scream. I went to a concert once and had a girl scream in my ear the whole time. How can you hear the guy sing if you’re screaming the entire time? Drives me nuts.


  2. Oh SO TRUE! Especially when people become obsessed with sticking photos on Instagram. By all means, take a few nice snaps and post them to share them. But try to actually live in the moment every once in a while, rather than taking a photo and caring more about who else sees it. You’re there – enjoy it.


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