Heart Disease. It’s hilarious.

Too Funny Chicks

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So…how does one talk about diseases and try to be funny? It’s a slippery slope. However, like all races can only make fun of themselves, I feel like since I’m the one with the disease, I can make fun of it and make light of it and be funny, right?

I have heart disease. Ugh, it’s such a 76 year old man thing to say.

In the winter of 2009, I’d be out walking my dog and it would be pretty cold here in Maine in January…so, I had these awful chest pains…I just thought I was either ridiculously out of shape (not a possibility, a fact) or was coming down with pneumonia or something. So as I did with every other uncomfortable thing in my life, I ignored it.

However, six-weeks of this and I was sick of having to basically hold my chest onto my body with my…

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