New Englanders…Either Really Tough…or really Dumb. You Decide.

The Chicks live in New England, born and raised.  On the playground is where we spent most of our days.  Wait.  No.  That’s not right.

Just try NOT to sing this theme song for the rest of the day…. #sorry

Anyway.  There are so many amazing reasons to live in New England.  Crime is low, salaries are high, we have some of the best hospitals and schools, most educated people (check it, four of the six NE states make this list), we have seasons (fall is reason enough for me to stay here) maple syrup, the mountains, the ocean, need I say more?

Yes, yes I must.  I must say all of the good things, because it is times like these, when it is 2 degrees outside with a wind-chill of negative something or other, when the top of Mt. Washington is literally, LITERALLY, the second coldest place on planet earth, when we’ve had 70+ inches of snow in three weeks, when one must dig really deep into her soul to remember why the hell she lives in this artic tundra.

new england
Fo real

New Englanders have a certain amount of pride.  We get three feet of snow and drive in it, while other whole cities shut down for a mere inch.  We bundle up the kids and go sledding, snow-shoeing, skiing.  We don’t care.  We’re tough.  The cold never bothered us anyway.  Lies.  All lies.  This cold…this snow…it’s bothering us.  I was watching the news the other night and they were doing a story on “snow rage“.  It’s sort of like “road rage” where people are irrationally angry at each other, except up here it’s because everyone is so mad at Mother Nature, that psychotic B.  People are snapping.  We’ve had it.  And to be perfectly honest, it had been a mild winter up until three weeks ago.  Then the gates of hell opened and unleashed a fury on us that we haven’t seen the likes of for quite some time.  Hell, by the way, is not full of fire.  It’s full of snow, and terribly painful wind-chills.  Trust me.  It’s true.

The cold bothers me. It bothers me a lot.

So this begs the question…Why the hell do we stay here??  Are we crazy tough, or are we crazy stupid?

I started to think about this last night, as I felt the wind coming in through the light switches and windows.  What are my alternatives?  Move down south, where it’s warm, but full of bugs, hurricanes, and less civilized people?  :/  Sorry, New Englanders are also wicked snobby.  Move out west, where there’s a nearly constant forest fire, landslides, and wayyyy too much liberalism for me?  Move to the middle of the country?  Tornados, flat boring land as far as the eye can see?  Maybe I could move to Seattle.  But doesn’t it rain there a lot?  I don’t like rain either.

There’s just no winning.  No matter where you live, there’s going to be some sort of BS to deal with, so I will continue to deal with this cold and snow and know that better days are to come.  I think you should all try to do the same.  Don’t get mad at each other.  Don’t have any snow rage.  Know that everyone is sort of a crappy driver right now, and that neighbors aren’t intentionally putting their snow in your yard.  Or maybe they are, but who cares?  You already have 10′ of snow.  What’s another 2?  Or 3 or 4?  Remember all of the maple syrup?  And the fall foliage?  And the beach in the summer?  Where maybe, if we’re lucky, the water temp will break 70 degrees (but probably won’t).

Just laugh.  When there is more snow in the forecast, just laugh.  When the temp is 4 degrees and the winds are 30MPH, just laugh.  It’s WAY easier than getting angry.  I’ve tried both.  Laughing is way more fun.

-Chick E


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