My Open Letter of Apology To Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor,

Hi. Happy Hump Day.

I’m writing to explain a couple things and apologize. For the first few years (or more) that you have been “on the scene” I was maybe your biggest non-fan. It was like a known thing with my friends and family. I was the Queen of disliking you, as a celebrity/song-writer/singer/performer/person. Now, I hate to ever “hate on” people I do not know. I mean, I am continuously standing up for the Kardashians and everyone hates them SO much, but I do not care what anyone thinks. I mean, don’t hate tha playa hate da game, right? So, it wasn’t like I was hating on you just because others were. I just really didn’t like you for some reason.

I’m a pretty evolved person and I’ve always tried to figure out what it was about you that irked me so much. Was it your somewhat juvenile and Cheez-It song lyrics that made me shake my head in annoyance? Maybe a little. Was it that every time I saw you on an awards show or anywhere on TV and you were wearing heels that you couldn’t walk in them and I’d think, “Just don’t wear heels if you can’t wear them!!” Not really. Was it the fact that you were seemingly “connected” to every guy in the “biz” and then wrote hit songs after each break-up? No. I liked that about you actually. So, what was it?

To be honest, after much searching into my soul, trying to see what it was about me that made me dislike you so much. The fact was…I just didn’t know…still don’t. It was just like you were that tag on a sweatshirt that drives you nuts and you don’t have scissors to remove it. I think mostly I felt as though you weren’t being “real”, that you were playing a part and I didn’t get the sense that you were really being you…and that bugs me about people in general.

So, here we are, 2015 and you are everywhere. You’re doing really well for yourself…and I’m really proud of you.

I think there were a few things that happened that started to change my mind about you…for the good…here are three:

  1. I mean, I guess I could say that the Summer of 2014 and “Shake It Off” was the beginning because it was the first time I admitted out loud to loved ones that “I really like this song”…and that was tough for me to admit.
  2. I really like how much you get into these awards shows. Always standing, dancing in front of your seat. As well you should be. Not giving a crap about what others think of your lanky-girl dancing. When I see these celebrities sitting in their seats at the Grammys and texting while Sir Paul McCartney, Rihanna and Kanye are on stage, it just annoys me. People would LOVE to be there and experience that, so Celebs should appreciate their position in this World and appreciate their fellow artists. I mean, if you were sitting there Tweetering while J-Lo was on stage working her ass off on stage singing “Jenny From The Block”, I think she’d be pretty mad. So, kudos on your participation and appreciation.
  3. Your song, “Blank Space” played a big part. Your lyrics about having lots of ex-lovers (from Starbucks) and that you get drunk of jealousy and you can make a bad boy good for the weekend really made me like you a lot more. Because it seemed more like lyrics a real person would say.

So, I just want you to know that I feel bad for not just accepting who you were earlier. I mean, you were a kid. How great could your lyrics possibly be? Our relationship, yours and mine, has been another growth lesson for me. Hating on people is stupid. Especially ones you do not know and I can’t say that to people about the Kardashians and then hate on you for no good reason. Right? Right.

I’m glad that you seem to have committed to giving up on wearing heels. It’s fine. Play to your strengths.

Your new album, “1989” is fun and sassy and hip and cool. I really like it. I want you to know that since my newly found appreciation for you and my transition from non-fan to fan, I have delved into your archives of music and some of it is more enjoyable than I once thought. And like I said, this new album… Realz good.

But listen, I heard that you’ve renounced your strings to your Country music roots…to focus solely on Pop music. I mean, Pop music is great. I’ve always been a fan, but I don’t think you need to make proclamations that you’ll NEVER do Country again. It’s like, don’t burn bridges, you know? I don’t feel like you need to commit to any one genre of music at all. Just do/sing/write what you want and who cares what category it falls into. Maybe you’ll have a crazy moment where you write a sick rap or maybe you take some Spanish classes and want to make a duets album with the likes of Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine…or Pitbull…I don’t know. Don’t limit yourself.

So, I’m really sorry for judging you. I don’t know you. You seem kind and funny and I like that about people. So keep dating all the boys from 1D, whoever you can in the Royal Family, maybe date some of the brothers of the guys you’ve already dated. That would be hilarious and so badass. Does John Mayer have any siblings?

And, I will tell the World right now, right here, for the record…I like Taylor Swift. There.

I hope you’ll accept my apology,

-Chick A


No Taylor, I’m sorry.


One response to “My Open Letter of Apology To Taylor Swift

  1. This is amazing. I really hated Taylor Swift before too, and I couldn’t figure out why. At the same time, I always bought her hip #1 song. Ever since she’s switched to Pop, I’ve liked her more. It suits her.


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