My Mum is a Virgin.

I used to tell people (who am I kidding, I still do) that my Mum was a Virgin. They’d look puzzled, knowing full well that I was her daughter and possibly even knowing that I had two sisters. So then I’d break it to them that her maiden name was actually Virgin. This made most people laugh and it took some coaxing to get some people to believe me. But, then I’d throw in there with a completely serious face, “Yeah, her middle name is Izza. Judith Izza Virgin.” And that’s where the joke got really funny.

Of course, this isn’t true. Her middle name is Ann.

mum 4

Today is my Mum’s birthday…and instead of buying one of those super wordy “Between You and Me” cards that make me cry every. single. time, I wanted to pay homage to the first person in my life with a, you guessed it, hilarious blog. Hilarious and heartfelt. I mean, come on. It’s my Mum.

You know how some people might say, “You’re turning into your Mother”? I thought it would be fun and interesting to go over the ways that I have been told how I am turning into my Mother or I have witnessed personally. Here goes…

1. I say, “Oh my Godfrey Sakes” A LOT.

2. I do not know how to relax. I’ve mentioned this is many blogs before. I have 100% gotten this from her. I believe I am better at it than she is though. I think I’ve only seen my Mum sit down like four times ever in my life. One time when we went to see Mary Poppins at the Ogunquit Playhouse, one time (I’m literally pausing having to wrack my brain to remember) at a wedding, of course, when she’s driving and okay, at the beach….maybe more than four times, but pretty close. She’s a doer. A goer. You should see her around the holidays. Actually, you wouldn’t be able to because she moves so fast. She’s always been such a hard worker, becoming a Registered Nurse, running a motel for 20 years, raising three daughters and she still continues to work to this day. Because she likes to have “mad money”. I don’t think she’d know what to do with all that spare time. I mean, her house is already very organized.

3. Whenever there are any gatherings at her house, she gets a lot of anxiety. I do this too. You want everything to be just perfect. Every detail remembered. It’s exhausting. I mean, listen, she LOVES it. She loves having her family together in her home, but at the same time, her inability to relax has resulted in every Christmas for as long as I can remember, my Mum opening all of her Christmas presents by herself (with us watching her) because she was too busy the entire time we were all opening ours. Wait…..maybe she just wanted the spotlight on her while she opened all of her gifts??! Wow. She’s brilliant. I’m more like her than I thought! 😉


4. She’s very good about remembering birthdays, anniversaries and milestones of all sorts. And, you’ll get a card in the mail. On time. Although I too, am on top of this as well and keep very good records, I have yet to master the art of getting cards to the recipient on time. So, to my cousin, Tanya, whose birthday was yesterday, I mailed it Friday. Sorry… 😦

5. I say to my kids now, all the time, “Put on another sweatshirt”, when they say they are cold versus turning up the heat. Heat cost money, you know?? Also, “It’s Adult Time“. In case you were going to the wrong place with what this statement means, let me clear it up. If you have kids and you have friends over for dinner or drinks and the kids are coming up to you and saying, “I have a skit to perform for everyone!! Or, “Can I hang out with you guys???” You say, “Honey, no. Go find something to do. It’s adult time.” I’m not sure how I know this, I must have heard my Mum telling my sisters probably………

mum 3

Just so you know, these are all females in this photo….and I, Chick A, am one of them.


6. I don’t really love to play board games either. To my oldest sister Leigh, I know Mum feels bad that she never showed up that day at the dining room table to play Monopoly with you when you were a kid.

7. I like to think that I have a green thumb. It’s absolutely not in any way close to my Mum’s though. Plants across the World have support groups about “Why they can’t also live at Judy’s house.”

8. Like my Mother, my part time job in this life is “Professional Worrier”. Or as my Dad may refer to the position, “Professional Worry Wart”…what does that even mean??

I just turned to Mr. Chick A and said, “Can you think of any other ways that I’m like my Mum?” And he said: “You like to clean a lot and you’re a good cook.” 🙂 Both true.

My Mum is kind, generous, thoughtful, caring, funny, a perfectionist, charming, determined, absolutely gorgeous, genuine and an amazing friend. She’s one of those girls that since she was young, I’m sure all the girls wanted to be best friends with her and all the boys wanted to date her.

class of

How hot are my Mum and her BFFs??


My Mum is my best friend. She’s always there for me whenever I need her. If it’s a recipe I need, she’ll slowly read it to me over the phone so I can write it down…or if I’ve just watched a sad movie or commercial or YouTube video or maybe read a sad card or Facebook post or a birthday card I had found from when I turned 8….she’s always there for me to listen to me cry uncontrollably. Oh my God, I remember one time especially after the movie, “Everybody’s Fine” with Robert DeNiro. Holy crap. That was a tough one. Thanks for listening to me ugly cry, Mum.

Some Chicks may cringe at the thought of hearing that cliche, “You’re turning into your Mother.” This Chick, on the other hand, smirks and says, “I know”…with pride.

Your beauty and grace make the world better. I’m so lucky to be your daughter.

mum 2

I love you. ❤

-Chick A



Happy Birthday.



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