Bruises From My Hard Fall Off The Train.

Maybe you’ve thought, “She used to post a lot more about her working out and weight loss stories…wonder why I haven’t heard about that for a while?” Maybe you haven’t thought that, who knows.

If the “train” of health is constantly “on the track”, which some might say, I’ve been sitting at the “station” for a while now, looking for the “right” time to “jump” back on. They say that you shouldn’t have a date where you start again, that you should just do your best every day and blah blah blah. Well, I like to go against the grain. Instead, when I know I’m not on the train, I like to set a date that is both convenient for me and has some number significance (will explain this later) and then start then. (Maybe this is one part of my weight-loss struggles…will look into this…)

So, today, March 29th is the day. The day I chose a couple weeks ago. Let me explain to you the number significance. Last year, on March 29th, I met my Wellness Coach. I wrote about it here. I had decided to throw some money at the problem and get me my very own Wellness Coach. That day, March 29, 2014, when I met with her, we talked about my lifelong struggle with my weight issues, my health issues, my brain issues and other miscellaneous issues and I told her how I had weighed myself every Wednesday for the past 5 years (and tracked it in a spreadsheet) as well as diligently tracked my food and calories like a crazy person as well. She said, “How’s that working out for you?” I said, well, besides the pretty much constant weight gain and anger and depression associated with that weight gain and the fact that I’m losing my mind tracking all my calories every day, it’s going really, really well. So, I decided that day, to stop. To go one year without weighing myself or my food. Just working out and eating right. That seemed reasonable.

Now here it is, one year later.

Do I have some great story about how if you don’t care about all the “numbers” you’ll be better, do better, lose more, and feel great?? No. I don’t have a story like that. Not yet anyways. I’m still learning. For the first 6 months of that plan, I did do really well. At least with the working out part. I worked out with my trainer and made some new fit friends and became the Deadlift Champ where I work out (aka The Barn). My current personal best is 285 pounds. My Deadlift, not my weight. Geez.

Now, since I haven’t been to The Barn since January, I do not know if someone has beaten my record. If they have, and you’re reading this…don’t get comfortable with that title. 😉 Yet even though the working out part became consistent and something that I actually wanted to do, I think I went a bit haywire with the eating side. Not to say I ate crazily, but I just didn’t concern myself with it probably as much as I needed to. I have done a modified Paleo diet for years, which means no grains or sugar, but the things I could eat, I’d eat too much of. I definitely needed to measure/weigh/care more about portions to keep me honest.

I am going to start weighing myself weekly again to keep me on track, but learn to not have a mental breakdown if the number isn’t what I was hoping for. I will also start tracking my calories and other nutrients a bit more closely for at least a time period as well, so that I can once again remember what a half-cup looks like…

Okay, so, long story short. From March 29, 2014 to March 28, 2015, I had no idea what my weight was, but I can pretty much guarantee during my “on the train” months, I had lost a fair amount of weight with all those stupid Burpees my Coach made me do and gained muscle with all the International Deadlifting Championships I won.

But, since, oh, let’s say, Halloween, when I started moving back through the train’s cars…started slipping back from the Conductor’s Chair of the health train, to the middle (the cocktail car) to around mid-January when the 78 feet of snow pushed me out of the back door of the caboose of the health train for good. (Okay, I heard it, it sounded weird) (And I’m sorry that “train” analogy was so long and drawn out…) (Let’s move on…)

I’ve gained 10 pounds. Since my last entry in my spreadsheet on March 29, 2014. Exactly 10 pounds. To the ounce. Which I thought was convenient, you know, math-wise.

So, I’m ready. Well, kind of ready. But, yeah, ready…ready to board the train again, today. I have a plan. It’s a good plan. It involves going back to The Barn, a book I read by Bob Harper and me telling you all about the good times (my deadlift numbers, new healthy recipes I’m going to make and the numbers on the scale) and the bad times (the life-threatening sugar detox I’m about to go through, all the Burpees that I know my Coach is gonna make me do and the numbers on the scale).

I hope you’ll follow along with me. Listen, if you’ve ever read any of my other hundreds of blogs (you really should read the archives) you’ll know that I’m super honest and don’t sugarcoat anything. Except all the food I’ve been eating lately. I’ve been sugarcoating the hell out of that.

Share with me your goals, your tips, your struggles and all the ways that we can laugh about what a nightmare it is to lose weight. That’s what I’m gonna do.

Hey, thanks for listening, I mean, reading, but let’s just call it listening, it sounds nicer.

Now onto my large glass of water,

Heart you,

-Chick A

Co-Founder of Conductor

This is my serious face.



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