Chick A’s Summer Challenges: Ice Cream & Cocktails.

Almost 40 days back on the train. It hasn’t been a steady ride, I’ll admit. I’d say more pros than cons, but I’m gearing up to take on the two major challenges of the season…let me explain.

1. Ice Cream Season: I’ve given up on trying to give up on ice cream. ESPECIALLY during Ice Cream Season. So, here’s my deal. I don’t keep it in the house…but if we get it outside the house, I can have it, say once a week, if I get a kiddie size. Here’s the problem. There’s this thing in the ice cream biz now that says, “Let’s be hilarious and make our “kiddie” cone enormous.” My Mum and I went to a local, somewhat new ice cream establishment last Sunday and I ordered a “kiddie” cone. One scoop, the menu described. One scoop?? How big is your damn scoop??? This cone was literally a pint and a half of ice cream, at least. I wish I had taken a picture of it for you, next time, promise. It was enormous! What actual “kiddie” is going to eat this thing? Listen, I love ice cream, I have never mastered doing anything in moderation and I am a New Englander and New Englanders HATE wasting anything. And guess what? I had to throw away some of this ice cream cone. It was extremely hard for me to do, but I did. So, I feel like that was kind of a win…? (I was literally taking bites of it as I was throwing it into the trash…it wasn’t pretty…)

I just really love Ice Cream Season! This wasn’t the Kiddie Cone that I’m speaking of. This cone was more appropriately titled “The Stenness Monster” in an ice cream parlor in Orkney, Scotland. Scottish people don’t tell you it’s a Kiddie and then give you a monster.

 2. Cocktail Season: Once the temp gets above 50 and you can actually open a window and not wear a parka, my mind starts thinking about ice-cold beers and fruity cocktails. It’s real tough. I’m still mentally preparing for dealing with this topic for the rest of the summer. How can I drink smart? I’ve been mentally preparing for this for the last say, 23 years. It’s just like, summertime is meant to be footloose and fancy free. (That saying is hilarious, by the way and just saying it makes me happy…) The sun, the beach, the friends and family comin’ round, the good times rollin’, the summer breeze makes me feel fine blowin’ through the jasmine in my mind…..doo doo doo doo doo doo….so what’s a girl to do? As with the iced cream, I cannot and will not give up summertime cocktails. But, there’s got to be some kind of moderation that is struck. I mean, do bars have “Kiddie” beers? That would be bad actually and illegal. I know some friends have a weekend only rule, I can do that pretty well, with the occasional Thursday thrown in….and maybe like a couple Mondays and oh yeah, Wednesday Cocktail Hour on the beach. So, like I said, still mentally preparing to deal with this challenge.

004 (11)
I just really like Cocktail Season tooooooooo!!

That’s about it. Ice cream and cocktails. It’s definitely way easier for me to get in the workouts during the warmer weather and have been keeping up with that way more, so, yay me.

I keep forgetting to weigh myself every Wednesday. Wait, tomorrow is Wednesday, maybe I’ll remember tomorrow. Although, maybe I don’t want to remember this week, that “kiddie” cone probably hurt my numbers. Damn Ice Cream Season.

What’s your challenge for the summertime months? Ice Cream and Cocktails too? Fried clams? Hot Dogs? Let’s commiserate.

Happy Summer y’all…let’s keep that train runnin’,

-Chick A


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