13 Going On 68.

When I first laid eyes on him, he ran out of his house, in between his biological parents, Jack & Jill and right out to me.

He was 7 weeks old.

Baby Sam

A week earlier, a friend had said that she had some puppies and she only had one left…I told her I had never had a dog before and wasn’t sure I was up for the task. She said, “Just take him for the weekend and see if you like him.” Yeah, right. You know how long it took me to fall in love with him? .5 seconds. I could tell in an instant that even at 7 weeks old, he was funny, he was kind, he was smart. He was mine.


The first few weeks were definitely a challenge. The crying and the biting and the barking….and that was just me! Just kidding, it was him. Up at 1 am, 2 am, 4 am, 430 am…because he needed to go outside. I think he was just bored and remembered that he’d seen geckos outside. (He was born and spent his toddler years in Florida.) But, with the help from a professional, he was taught to be a good citizen, to listen, to not bark when the doorbell rang.

When he moved from Florida to New Hampshire, it was February. The first freezing cold day with icy snow on the ground, he looked up at me and said, “Are you friggen kidding me Mum??” He’d step every so gently on the cold ground and pull up his paw, it was kinda funny actually….he’s always been kind of a Diva. I went to Petco and bought him some red winter boots. He did not like this. He would chew them off in the snow. In time, he got used to the cold and actually started to like it, I think. I mean, when you lift your leg on a palm tree, you can’t see the mark as well as you can in a snow bank…

Through the years, through his adoptive parent’s divorce, through sad times, through happy times, through times when he only had 47 toys in his basket…


 Through a couple minor surgeries with that cone that you’d feel bad about, but it was just too too funny to not laugh at every time you saw him in it…

025 (34)

It kinda is….

 Through the passing of his best friend Hannah, my sister’s chocolate Lab…

SAm & Hannah- Fetching Team

Through licking tears off my face…I cry A LOT, happy or sad…

067 (13)

To laying right next to me while recuperating from heart surgery, teaching him how to dance, how to pick up after himself, through new step-siblings and getting a new Dad that loved him just as much as his first Dad…


Heart. Melted.

3 Bairnies

Sam and his two younger siblings.

Through licking my legs every day when I get out of the shower….he’s been by my side. He’s been my never-ending joy. He makes me laugh every day and relieves my (mostly self-created) skyscraper high stress. He just gets me.

Today, on his 13th birthday, as he becomes a teenager and starts to hate me for not letting him go out with his friends past 10 o’clock or have his own iPhone, I had to write about one of my life’s greatest loves, Sam. My dog. My best friend.


Happy Birthday buddy, shmoopy, Sammy-Two-Tone, Tamantha, Tammy, Sammalammy, Boobie, Scoobie Boob, Peach, Lovey Bug, Samuel L. Jackson, Sammy, Sam Bone!


He really is so patient.

 I know you can’t read, but I’m putting it out into the Universe how much you are loved, how much you are appreciated and how much you changed my life and made it better in so many ways.

And now, his life in pictures.

004 (5)

They both look worried. She is probably worried about what is happening on Wild Kratts and he is worried about why she is worried.

006 (31)

As he has aged, he has grown to love his quiet.

008 (14)

Cheese, Peppers and Sugar Snap Peas are among his favorites.

012 (60)

Bros for Life.

018 (2)

The Doctor will never see me under here.

018 (18)

Cousin Love.

037 (26)

This guy LOVES Sam.

044 (19)

Sam LOVES vacationing in York with Grammie and Papa. #spoiled #granddog

045 (24)

He will laser you if you try to steal his beer.

097 (9)

Oh yeah and yogurt.


And also, Organic Free Trade coffee with coconut milk and stevia.




Responsible, fair priced babysitter.

Let me just clean that juice off your face. Right there. Little more right there. Got it.



Summertime Besties.


Every Halloween.

Sam & Andy

Enjoys video games with the guys.

sam+ papa

Papa and Sam = BFFs.

When my Dad asked what breed of puppy Sam was, we told him…he’s a Cocker Spaniel/Shih Tzu Mix. So, forever, to my Dad…he’s a Cocka-shit. He thinks he’s so funny.

004 (45)

I believe we get a few very special soul mates in this life.

He is certainly one of mine. ❤

I love you, Sam.

-Chick A

(Aka Sam’s Mum)


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