FOUND: Insecure Blogger with Creek Addiction.

Well hello. Remember me? I’m Chick A, the one who writes about her ongoing weight loss journey, cocktail drinking, her dog who’s 68 years old and getting rid of your road rage…you know, stuff like that.

I haven’t written a blog since May! It’s now August. Oh brother. You know what it is? There is this debate I have in my head…one side says, “No one even reads your blogs…you get like one blogger to like your post. Even your Mum doesn’t read it.” (Well, she might read them, but never hits the like button…) Then, there’s the other argument in my brain that says, “Who cares?? Who cares if no one on the planet is reading your scribblings of heartfelt emotions and inner turmoil and not caring about what you think is funny or not! Write because you love to write. Write because maybe you’ll write one blog that inspires one person or makes one person chuckle. Write because it makes you feel better when life is complicated and stressful.”  (Have I ever mentioned that I really do not like the word “blog”? Ugh. So weird. BLOG!!)

Also, you know when you haven’t talked to a friend in a long time and then you want to talk to them, but it has been a long time so maybe it feels awkward? So then you go longer and longer and it gets awkwarder and awkwarder? That’s also kinda where I’ve been at. Like, are you resenting me for not writing? Do you think I’m a slacker for not writing? Holy shit, I have issues. See?? This is why I need to write, for therapeutic mental exercise. Because when I sit here and type, listening to Indigo Girls (Who I haven’t listened to in a long while, but LOVED in my younger years, THEY. ARE. AWESOME. Y’all. Indigo Girls: Rites of Passage. Get it.) Anyways, sitting here, writing at my dining room table while my sweet potato fries, asparagus and pulled pork are cooking, I feel like all is right in the world again. Me and my laptop. Gettin’ in out. Chattin’ with you. Words onto paper. Well, there’s not really any paper involved, but you know what I mean.

Not sure why this is represented with a teenage gymnast…

So, listen. I feel like I’ve made some false commitments to you in the past, about writing every Tuesday, every other day, 5 blogs a week….some BS like that…so, I’m not going to do that again. I’m gonna write when I feel like it and when I don’t feel like it, because just like working out, I may not feel like it, but I’m always happy after I’m done. I’m going to remember that I have stuff to say and I’m not going to wait until you call me and ask me how I’m doing, we’re close enough now that we’ll be one of those relationships that even over time, when we talk, it’s like not a day has passed. Okay? Good. I’m really happy we cleared that up.

I’ve got 38 “drafts” in process. Well, between Chick E and I. That’s a lot of ideas for pieces we have, so get ready. Everything from my days at summer camp, to Chick E’s need to learn the fine art of eye brow care to the possibility of me giving up on having a baby to a life-changing interview that I’m going to do with my personal trainer…(working title is, “So. Damn. Motivated.”)

Hey…you…I missed you. Yeah, you. You’re smart and funny and nice, why wouldn’t I miss you?

Okay, I’ll talk to you soon pal…

Heart you,

-Chick A

P.S. Also remember, I’ve been very busy hanging out with my friends down on The Creek. It’s one thing after another with them, so…it just left me so little time for myself….and you. And I apologize for that. So do Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jenn.

5 responses to “FOUND: Insecure Blogger with Creek Addiction.

  1. Love the post! I’m new to blogging and that internal dialogue you do in the second paragraph? THAT DESCRIBES THE INSIDE OF MY HEAD PERFECTLY. At least when it comes to blogging anyway. I think we might be blog soulmates. Just wanted to throw some encouragement your way and say keep it up! I’ll be looking forward to your next post!

    PS – I recently discovered kissy-face thinness and it has changed the way I take pictures. Possibly not for the better.


    • Dear Sophia,

      I’ve never considered myself a good blogger. I’m inconsistent and I literally understand about 2% of WordPress, which has lead me to your comment, just now. One week later. I really like to respond as quickly as I can to the 7 comments we get per year, and I really dropped the ball with this one. Sorry about that.
      Thanks for reading and commenting and the encouragement. I send it right back your way and can’t wait to check out the Far Side of Normal. I live there too, are we neighbors and didn’t know it??

      Heart you,
      -Chick A

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      • Dear Chick A,

        Obviously, I’m super good at answering comments in a timely manner. ;P

        Have you had a chance to check out farsideofnormal? If so, I hope you liked my blog!

        I’m STOKED that we are neighbors, that’s awesome!!!!!! I love our little Island. We may have to do a post together, as we actually live in the same place. That would be fun!!! Thoughts?!

        Heart you right back,


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