Conjunctivitis & Menu Planning: Chick A’s Sunday.

I’m sorry to say this, summer lovers, but September is just around the corner…and after a summer spent basically giving a very large middle finger to fitness and healthy eating, I’m starting to make lists and surmise plans to get back on the ever running track. (This story is really starting to sound like a broken record, isn’t it?) 

It’s August 23rd. Sunday. It’s rainy and peaceful. I have been housebound this weekend due to rain, but mostly due to the conjunctivitis (or my lesser favorite name, Pink Eye) that began on Thursday in my left eye and has decided it would like to take up residence in my right eye too. So, I’m basically in quarantine. Even Mr. Chick A is only side-hugging me. Sad. I’ve had multiple people ask me, “Isn’t conjunctivitis something that mostly kids get?” I think there’s this thing about dirty hands and the rubbing of the eyes…and I swear, I’m genuinely almost borderline obsessive about washing my hands! I’m a very clean person! It wasn’t my fault! So, this is my weekend. Eye drops. Washing hands. Isolating myself. I mean, pretty standard weekend, right?

So back to my planning to be perfect again. You know, start eating clean, working out, sending thank you cards…the whole perfect me thing. Just kidding. I’ve given up trying to have a perfect health life, I know that my need for ice cream, sourdough bread and bacon will never allow this thing they call “perfection”…

But, here’s what I’m doing today to slip gently back onto a small portion of the track…

  • Making a big batch of Steel Cut Oats in my Crock Pot. (I still have some hesitancy with any kind of grains because I’m still feeling some regret about abandoning my 100% Paleo life…but I realized it wasn’t for me, I believe that I do need to have very few carbs in my life, but for a quick, easy, make ahead breakfast, Steel Cut Oats is my jam.)
Look how psyched these people are to eat Steel Cut Oats! They can’t be wrong!
  • Making a big dinner tonight of chicken and veggies. A little recipe known in my household as “Arty Chicken”*, it has a lot of artichokes, peas, Greek yogurt and almond meal to name a few of the ingredients (oh, and some bacon…) and it’s a real crowd pleaser and I can pack up a bit for lunch at work tomorrow. (If my wonky eyes permit, otherwise, I’ll eat it here, at home, tomorrow, all alone, again.
This chicken is Arty too…
  • Procuring a workout video to start soon. I heard about this “Cize” workout, it’s a Beachbody program with Shaun T. You know, he’s done the whole “Insanity” program…I did this once…the word “Insanity” is putting what happens in that workout lightly. I guess Cize is all about dancing and shakin’ your ass…and I’m actually really good at both, so thought I’d give it a whirl.
Seriously, you have to jump like this. It’s truly…Insane.

Okay, so these are all baby steps. But baby steps are better than sitting on your couch, watching hours and hours of Dawson’s Creek and eating peanut butter and jelly’s on old hamburger buns, right?

I’ll keep you posted,

-Chick A


*If you’d like my “recipe” for Arty Chicken, email me at (I put recipe in quotes because a recipe would entail knowing exactly what you put into it and I don’t. I’m more of a little bit of this, little bit of that…what’s about to go bad, throw that in, kinda girl. So, I’ll rephrase…If you’d like the Gist of what’s in Arty Chicken, email me. 🙂





4 responses to “Conjunctivitis & Menu Planning: Chick A’s Sunday.

  1. Counting calories To me is the easiest way to lose weight… Because you can eat whatever you want though you have to watch the calories 🙂 oh and currently I am not counting my calories as a matter fact I just had a large m&m blast from Sonic but tomorrow’s a new day 🙂


    • You’re so right. You gotta count those cals or they get away from you. I inconsistently use and that’s always helpful to keep track of dem cals. Now I want an ice cream cone. 🙂 Thanks Miss Marly! 🙂


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