Day 2: My Body Is All, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING????”

The second day of getting back to a regular workout routine when you haven’t worked out since…I don’t know, since the summer started basically….is the worst. On Day 1, you’re all gung-ho and amped up to kick some ass and go, go, go!!! Then, Day 2 your body is like, Wait, what? What are you doing?? I thought yesterday was just a fluke. I can’t do this again!! 

Day 1 I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and then about a 15 walk. (Gotta get outside before the Blizzards of 16 start…sorry New Englanders…) and felt pretty good. I mean, not great, but not terrible.

Did you forget? Sorry…

Day 2 was a whole other story. From the first 15 seconds on the elliptical, my body was like, “STOPPPPP!!!!! Stop this!!! I don’t like this!!!! Stop!!! It hurts!! I can’t do it!!!!!”

This is what is happening inside my body while on the elliptical today. Some other woman screaming at me…

But, I kept on. Said I just wanted to beat my elliptical time from Day 1. So, 21 minutes. And I did. With a lot of heavy breathing and questioning if my 2nd heart attack was about to happen. (See “Heart Disease. It’s Hilarious.”)

Maybe I could just have a stress test every day to workout?? That would be awesome.

Then, the Day 2 walk. It was approximately 472 degrees out. I think the soles of my shoes melted and the short 15 walk felt like I was alone in the desert, with no end or water fountains in sight. It was rough.

But, I did it. AND THEN…because I haven’t been to The Barn in a while, I did an homage to my fave Trainer…I did 10 burpees, and 10 overhead lifts of a 50 pound bar. 🙂 (I’ll be back soon, Chick K.)

Day 2

Yesterday, after my Day 1 workout, I cried a bit to Chick E. (Remember though that I cry pretty much every day, so not a huge surprise…) Anyways, it’s very overwhelming. This whole process. I have a very long way to go and seemingly, a short time to get there. I need to lose this weight, once and for all. For my health and more importantly, for a wider variety of cute clothes…

After the hundreds of attempts, some successful (for a short time), but mostly all unsuccessful…how can this time be the time? The time when I learn how to just find balance, perpetuate my positive forward motion, figure out how the hell to make this time stick. Or not stick, like the weight, I don’t want it to stick to me…but you get my point.

One day at a time. That’s what they say. So, today…Day 2. Good Day. Worked out, tracked calories, stayed in range, prepped food for tomorrow, drank lots-o-H2O, and wrote all about it here.

It was a good day. I really hope you had a good day too. Maybe you’re on this journey too. Maybe you want to chime in in the comments below or chat about it on our Facebook page:…let’s help each other have many good one days at a time.

Heart you,

-Chick A

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