Day 6: Jabba the Hutt Vs. Beyonce. Seems Easy…Right?

You totally thought I’d already fallen off the wagon again, didn’t you? Since I posted Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 updates and then all the sudden Day 4 and 5, nuthin’…you totally were like, “She’s such a flake. She’s probably eating leftover cupcakes from her niece’s birthday party and drunk off of Malibu in her basement again…” No, you probably hadn’t even noticed I didn’t post anything about Days 4 & 5. You don’t even care about me!! Just kidding. I know you do. I love you too. I mean, I had no intention of giving an update EVERY day!!

So here we are, end of Day 6. It’s been a pretty good week for the most part. I’ve tracked all of my calories, I’ve exercised 4 of the 6 days, I haven’t had ONE drink! Yay me! (I’ve mentioned how summer is tough with the ice cream and the cocktails before, right??)

Unfortunately, all the stupid f’ing clichés they say in this world, however obnoxious and super annoying about any topic and in this case, weight loss and fitness, are just…true. (Say the following in a wicked snarky, annoyed makes it funnier…) “Preparation and planning ahead is key”, “Baby steps for exercise are better than no steps”, “Tracking your calories is vital”, and “One small change leads to another”…these are some of the most annoying, but also, the most true.

I kinda picture the face you’d make when saying annoying things like this…

I was thinking this week, about the words I feel when I am “off track” (Because with me and health, I’m either “on” or “off”, I’ve yet to master any kind of sustainable “balance”…)

So, the words I feel when I’m “off” are: Lazy, guilty, gross, mad at myself, slovenly, sluggish, tired, like a failure, Jabba the Hutt-ish…to name a few.

And on the flip-side, when I’m “on”, like this week, these words describe how I’m feeling: Energetic, powerful, determined, kick ass, badass, smart, proud, in control, awesome and more Beyonce-ish.


So, it seems silly that I’d ever not be “on”, right? I know. Still need to figure that one out.

(Say the following in a wicked snarky, annoyed makes it funnier…)

One day at a time…

-Chick A


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