Traveling For Work Blows. I’m Sorry. It Does. 

I don’t have a glamorous job. I just don’t. But for some reason, my job lately has involved a lot of…how do you say…jet-setting. As we “speak”, I’m sitting in an airport waiting to board a plane to Switzerland.
Most people hear that and go “Lucky!!!”  F off people. Ok?? No, I don’t mean it. But for reals.  There is hardly anything cool about traveling for work.

I have to take this plane ALL by myself!! And this red carpet needed to be ironed!!

Here’s the scoop:

  • It’s still work. OK? It’s not a vacation. And you know what? You do more work than you normally do. The days are typically 8-5 pm, quick stop at the hotel, then dinner until 9/10pm. You know why? Because everyone knows you don’t have anything else to do…you don’t know anybody, you’re away from your family, what the f else do you have to do?

  • I used to love staying in hotels. Ok, sometimes I still do. But it’s hard to sleep in hotels all the time. They’re sometimes noisy, the TV stations might be different, and the shampoo is typically terrible for my hair, and [insert first world problem here].

  • I like my house. And my friends. And I really like the mini humans that live in my house and Mr. Chick E and Chick A. I miss them all when I’m gone.

  • I never know what to pack. This is super tricky for me. I’m a terrible over packer and I still am usually missing something.

This is basically me going somewhere for a long weekend…
  • Sometimes I get hungry and don’t have immediate access to a snack. This is legit a big deal for me. :/

  • It’s really really exhausting. Especially this international BS. Sometimes it takes days to recover. Days when you’re at home, not at work, but still feeling like a zombie. Wasted stay-home days are really sad.

That’s basically just me complaining. So now I will say at least two good things about traveling.

  • While the dinners are long, and still work related, they do typically include a lot of very good food. And wine. I like wine.

  • I really like the people I work with so when I get to see them, that’s always a good time.

  • Wine. Did I mention wine?

OK. That was three things. That is all I have. Maybe I’ll think of more and post an addendum later.

Also remember me? Chick E? I used to work here.


-Chick E


2 responses to “Traveling For Work Blows. I’m Sorry. It Does. 

  1. When I was an archaeologist I lived out of many Super 8s and Best Westerns in Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, etc. Folks often thought it sounded great when in fact, it wasn’t. Except that one time the Best Western outside Wright-Patterson AFB had HBO, Cinemax & Showtime standard. And it was during the dark time before Wi-Fi and iPods.


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