Just Because I’m Skinny, Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Work Out

I weigh 135lbs.  I am 5’4″ tall.  I am not overweight.  These are facts.

I work out.  Sometimes.  Not all of the time.  It comes and goes in waves.  I run, or go to the gym at my work, or take walks with the kids.  It never fails…whenever I talk to people about working out, if that’s a thing that is happening in my life, somebody always has to say: “But you’re so skinny!!!  You don’t need to work out!!”.

I mean, this is basically what I look like when I work out. Basically.

This legit drives me insane.  I don’t pretend to be the smartest person in the world.  “They” discovered water on Mars today, and I literally could care less.  Or couldn’t care less.  Whatever it is.  It’s not like I’m moving to Mars any time soon, so finding water doesn’t make it any more or less appealing to me.  One thing I do know, however, is that exercise is a pretty important part to overall health.  There are like a million studies proving this. There aren’t any studies proving that water on Mars helps me in any way.  (None of this data can be supported – I’m making it all up).

Here’s the thing.  I’m not trying to lose weight.  I don’t say that in some sort of high and mighty way.  It’s not my goal though.  I just generally don’t want to get all saggy as the years go on.  You know?  Nobody needs to see that.  Nobody.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  Guess what?  I can still exercise.  Just because I want to.  Just because it makes me feel good.  And that’s OK.

Here’s the other thing.  I consume 10,000 calories a week in just ice cream.  I need to exercise!  Can you imagine if I didn’t???  It’s a choice for me, stop eating ice cream or work out.  I chose the latter.  Always.  I will never quit ice cream.

I wish this weren’t true.

So the next time you see a skinny chick working out, say “Nice job!” or “Your butt looks amazing!”.  Say something, anything, besides “But you’re so skinny!!!  You don’t need to work out!!”.  Because maybe she’s not trying to lose weight.  Maybe she’s just trying to stay healthy.  And maybe her butt does look amazing.  And you should really tell her that.  But not if you’re a creep.  Then just don’t say anything.

-Chick E

There’s A LOT of images about working out for the sole purpose of eating more ice cream. #IamNotAlone


7 responses to “Just Because I’m Skinny, Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Work Out

  1. I miss you girls getting on here and ranting about different things going on in your lives. Especially talking about getting and keeping in shape. How is that going with the chicks because as you know chickE was and is a huge motivator for me. I went back to this post to see how long it’s been since I started to do a better job of taking care of my health. This is getting kind of long winded so I will just say thanks to both of you and know that people are looking forward to more of your tales


  2. There is a century, i.e., a 100-mile bike ride in Pennsylvania where participants are required to consume donuts at the rest stops along the route. For every donut eaten (and I believe kept down) a specific amount of time is taken off the overall time. This sounds like it could be a lot of fun or hell on 2 wheels…


  3. I applaud anyone who is taking care of their health by exercising. I only know that myself as a 63 year overweight person sometimes thinks about exercising, but that’s as far as it goes. Motivation is key,and I have plenty of reasons to be motivated. On that note I will go for a walk!

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      • Thank goodness you wrote this. Five months later I am thirty nine pounds lighter and looking forward to reaching my goal and maintaining what I have accomplished. Thanks Chick E for your help and support.

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