Chick Confessions: 10 Things Chick A Doesn’t Care About.

There are a lot of things in life that I feel every person across the land are in total agreement of liking. As if it’s just morally wrong and almost inhumane for people NOT to like these things. That the consensus is that if you don’t like these certain things, you’re less of a person, lack character, lack good taste, lack brains.

Well, I do not think I am less of anything, I am filled to the brim with character, have amazing taste and am moderately intelligent. (See how I didn’t go overboard on that last one…..)

So, here is a list I’ve created of things I do not either like, care for, enjoy, understand why everyone else likes or feel completely ambivalent about…

1. The Beatles. I mean, “Hey Jude” is a family favorite and they’ve got some alright tunes, but basically….eh. If I never heard a Beatles song ever again, I wouldn’t really care. Sorry Beatles.

2. Art. Although I have always been a fan of “performance art” I was a musical theater major, I just have never been able to give a hoot about “art-art“. Like paintings. If you were to say to me, “Hey, Chick A, I got free tickets to the Museum of Fine Arts, want to go??” I’d be all like, “Holy shit, no. That sounds like the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life.” Something like that. I just…don’t care. I have some friends who really, really love art and must think I am such an asshole for saying this, and I’m sorry, it’s not that I don’t think these artists have talents, oh, I do…I can barely draw a stick figure, it’s just that…I don’t… Is that mean?

3. History. I mean, some of it, is interesting. But for like 10 seconds and then I start thinking about getting new fall boots or cleaning out under my bed. I like the saying, “Learn from the past, but live in the present”, I just more so don’t really care about dinosaurs and how people used to be even more narrow-minded than they are now.

4. Space. Mr. Chick A is SUPER into space. Talking about The Universe, planets, solar systems, Star Trek. This past week I got a message from him that read:

Mr. Chick A: They found water on Mars!!!! Do you know how HUGE that is??? Do you understand what this could mean???

Me: Eh.

5. Ancestry: Yeah, I don’t care.

6. Elvis: Nope.

7. Mostly All Politics: This is a tough one. I don’t speak a lot about politics, mostly because I don’t want to sound stupid. I don’t really understand it. At least all the financial parts of it. I’m passionate about the social parts of it; human rights, equality, things that affect humans lives directly. Not that money doesn’t, because of course, it does, but I just don’t understand how it works. I don’t know enough to have an opinion and I just don’t care enough to learn. Apathy at it’s best, huh? After watching the news or seeing clips online of certain political things, I will admit, I do think things like, “How the hell is Donald Trump still in the running??” He’s not a nice person. He’s a narrow-minded, arrogant, insensitive, ego maniacal, jerk. He gets into Twitter wars with celebrities, for goodness sakes! Listen, I don’t know what’s the best thing to do about these Syrian refugees, I understand it puts a strain on us, but how can we turn away desperate human beings? I don’t get it. How can Presidential candidates support someone like Kim Davis who is ridiculously ignorant, closed-minded and cruel? See? This is why I don’t talk about politics. I guess it’s not that I don’t care, I just don’t ever like to talk about things that I am not super educated about. Like most people do. People that call our current President names on Facebook, it’s just silly. You don’t know what it’s like to be President, you don’t understand all that goes on either. I’m sure the person that you want to be President in 2016, you’ll be bitching about in 2017. Just give these people a break, would ya? (EOR) (That means, end of rant.)

8. Having a “Career”. Some people strive daily to get ahead in their chosen “career”. A career to me is something that you are interested in and passionate about. I do not have a career. I have a job. ( is my “career”, that other thing I do every day is my “job”.) And to the CEO of my company that I work at, listen…I really am happy to work at the company I work for. I have great benefits, my own office, awesome people who I work with and for, flexibility, did I mention my own office? I am really good at my “job” and have personal integrity to do my “job” to the best of my ability, but, I am not passionate about what I do. It doesn’t add to my self-worth. But, it pays some of the bills. (Soon less than normal since we just bought a new house. Read here.) For now, I’m not interested in climbing any kind of ladders. Not at my new house or at work. And, I’m okay with that. Eventually, I will become a world-famous blogger and that’ll be my “career”. 🙂

9. The Show Franchise: The Bachelor. I can’t. Literally, this franchise is everything that is wrong with America and the World. I don’t understand why people love this so much. It’s so awful. Sorry, Mum & Dad. But, I guess that’s probably how people feel about me and my love of everything Kardashian… :/

And since we’re on the subject of wine…

10. Wine. Everyone I know LOVES wine. They talk about what kinds of wine they like, how they can’t wait to get home and drink wine, how they prefer this kind of wine with fish and this kind of wine for sangria and wine, wine, wine. Here’s the thing, WINE TASTES DISGUSTING. Why don’t I just go drink some vinegar?? It’s so gross. Listen, I’ve tried MANY kinds of wines. When I worked at Disney, I worked at a fine dining Italian restaurant that had every server go through a 3-month course on wine! So, I had to drink samples of hundreds of kinds of wines, $100, $500, $1200 bottles of wines! I’ve run the gamut. They’re. All. So. Gross. I don’t get it.

So, there you are. The Top 10 Things I Don’t Care About That Everyone Else Does. There’s probably more and these aren’t in any particular order, but I’ll stop there before you think even more what a shallow, stupid, uncivilized human I am.

But I want to know, what do you not care about? Just tell me. You’ll feel better just getting it out there. I know I do.

Heart you, but not you, The Beatles, Art, History, Space, Ancestry, Elvis, Politics, Careers, The Bachelor or Wine. Not you.

-Chick A


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