Chick Confessions: 10 Things Chick A Does Care About

So, my last post, “Chick Confessions: 10 Things Chick A Doesn’t Care About” was met with some severe backlash. Two people said something about it. That is severe backlash in TFC World where the average number of comments we get per post isn’t a whole number yet.

I get where people could find my lack of love for things like art, history and space to mean that I am someone who lacks depth and intellect…I could see how people who don’t know me could ascertain such an assumption. (See what I did there?) But, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Okay, maybe it could be in the same vicinity of the truth, but not like near it. Like, maybe 3/4 of a mile away. I’m just deep and intellectual in other ways.

Here’s the thing, I have ADD, so things like history, art and space don’t entertain me enough to hold my extremely short attention span. I know, to many people it does, it really does. Just…not me. And honestly, I feel bad about it a little bit. But, I blame it on the ADD.

When I start this list (I promise, I’m getting there….to all of you who just skim…you know which realtor you are…) you’re probably not going to think any higher of me, but just wait, okay? I promise, I WILL redeem myself. A little. Like, maybe 29%.

Okay, here we go…

Top 10 List of Things That Chick A DOES Care About:

Pop Culture. Yes. I love it. I love it so much. It’s so incredibly interesting to me.Everything from saying stuff like, “That shirt is totes adorbs“, to selfies, to celebrity feuds, to the newest apps, to fashion, to what all my girls are up to. What girls? Oh, umm, Khloe, Kim, Kourtney, Kylie, Kendall, Kris and Caitlyn. Yes, The Kardashian-Jenners. I heart them. I already wrote a blog about them, you can find it here: 5 Celebrities That Everyone Hates That Chick A Likes. To many, it’s very shallow to like Pop Culture. I say, #sorrynotsorry.

I mean, how awesome is this??

Plants and Flowers. Who doesn’t like flowers? Weirdos. Or, allergic people. The colors, the endless varieties, the way they sit there and make you feel like you are a wealthy heiress who lives a life of luxury with your personal gardener placing gorgeous arrangements of incredible flowers around you? (whoa) Flowers are just such a heart-lighter-upper for me. You know what I mean? And plants. Ahh, plants. Plants are like my children. I mean, I only water my real kids once a week. Buh dum bump. But, when you get a plant, and it’s full of gorgeous blooms and blooms on the way and bright green leaves cascading over the sides of the pot, it’s just such a brilliant thing. And you gotta keep it that way. It’s depending on you for life! You can’t just put it on auto-pilot and expect it’s gonna find what it needs to survive! And sometimes, as in life, things take a turn an you’ve gotta nurse a plant back to life, and when you do achieve this….magic.


My Mum gives me and my Sisters an African Violet every year on Mother’s Day because my Grammie LOVED African Violets. 🙂

Dogs. Oh my Lord, dogs. I can’t even handle dogs. Just passing a dog being walked on the sidewalk in my car, brings me immense joy. Their faces, their tails, their antics. Ugh. It’s all so awesome. And MY dog?? Every. Damn. Day. He’s my perfect little love angel with absolutely no flaws. He’s adorable, hilarious, kind and the best thing in the whole wide world. Oh look, I’ve already written a blog about him too: 13 Going On 68.

025 (34)

Traveling. I love going places. Whether it’s a short trip to Vermont to hang out with my friends, Ben and Jerry or a longer trip to the Caribbean to enjoy frosty beverages at a bar IN A POOL, to a REALLY long trip to the beautiful island of Orkney in Scotland to visit with my in-laws. It’s all so exciting. I’m one of those weird people who LOVES airports. All the hustle and bustle, all the fun stores to buy weird stuff that you would NEVER actually buy if you were in a regular store that wasn’t in an airport. I’m not a huge fan of the actual plane ride with its cramped seats, never-ending coughing of nearby passengers and the airplane bathroom that is stupidly small, especially for someone who is in need of some weight loss. But, traveling is something that brings me serious happiness. 

Music. Although some of you may have lost faith in my ability to judge what music is good and bad per my last blog about things I do not care about (The Beatles & Elvis) as well as my blog about the Celebs that I like that everyone else hates (Justin Bieber & LeAnn Rimes)…I firmly believe that I DO, in fact, have good taste in music. Also, I am extremely versed in all sorts of genres spanning many decades. I love music. Music is something that is so tightly wrapped around my life. I sing incessantly all day, I also have a certain knack for knowing all the song lyrics in the world. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but A LOT. Ask Mr. Chick A. From pop to rap to country, soul, R&B, folk, Latin, hip-hop, classical, opera & show tunes, to rock and Christian. I love it all. And I know a lot of each. Let  me just go off to prove my range…Otis Redding, Van Morrison, Earth, Wind & Fire, Billy Joel, NKOTB, Johnny Cash, James Taylor, The Temptations, Boyz II Men, Justin Bieber, Ani DiFranco, Indigo Girls, Yolanda Adams, Beyoncé, James Ingram, The Hot 8 Brass Band, Dr. Dre, The Dixie Chicks, Barry Manilow, David Foster, Jay-Z, Andrew Lloyd Webber. Oh my! Okay, I’ll stop there. I’m just trying to prove my point. (You may see that I’ve left out Heavy Metal. Sorry. I just can’t.) Music is one of my truest loves. It encapsulates your life, it validates your emotions, it brings you back to memories in the strum of one chord. Music is life.

Food and Cooking Food. Oh yeah. Pretty much every blog I’ve ever written talks about food in some way. Everything about it. I love creating food ideas, shopping for food, chopping food, baking food, sauteing food, watching Food Network and it’s more evolved and indie cousin, The Cooking Channel and mostly…eating food. It’s all so comforting, joy-filled, creative and inspiring.

People. This category isn’t even taking into account my friends and family. That’ll be in the list later, but this one, I’m just talking about people in general. People that you pass on the street and smile at you or that sweet lady in the grocery store that says, “I love your glasses!” The server at the restaurant that let’s you take home the glass you had your beer in because you love it, the toll booth operator who says, “Have a great day, honey!”, the guy bagging my groceries who calls me Miss and not M’am. Because NO WOMAN LIKES TO BE CALLED M’AM. People that risk their lives daily for me, who put out fires and fight wars and stop bad people from hurting others. People who fight for equality. People who want others to just be happy, no matter what they believe to be right or wrong. People who make my lunch at work. People that work in the Charity Thrift Shop that I tell them about selling my house and they tell me that they “Love my story”…SO many awesome people out there. Yeah, some a-holes too. But, let’s just concentrate on all the kind and awesome people out there who are kind and friendly and going out of their ways to make other’s lives easier, safer, happier.

Larry Bird and Audrey Hepburn. Weird combo, I know. They’re just two people who I hold on a pedestal, educate people on if need be, hold as two incredible talents that inspire me.

My Friends. I am someone who is incredibly blessed with friendships in my life. It’s awe-provoking to me to think about. I have had so many truly amazing friends in this lifetime. From childhood friends that I spend a long weekend with every June, to lifelong family friends that I forget aren’t actually blood related, to the people I went to high school and/or college with that I still think about almost daily, talk to a lot of and have so many great memories of, to the friends of my parent’s and siblings, who again, I forget aren’t blood related, to my many, many, many friends I’ve met through jobs (I say many, many, many because I’ve had 33 jobs…) I am beyond grateful and knowingly so lucky to have so many ridiculously good friends in my life. And having them is something that I care about to my core.


My Family. My immediate family, we call ourselves, “The O5”, that stands for “The Original 5” before the husbands, ex-husbands, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, and domestic partners, and before the grandkids, there was The O5. Now, with my little family of Mr. Chick A, my kids from anotha mutha who have brought me a kind of happiness that I always dreamed about. And from that insanely awesome core extends to a family tree full of….you guessed it…a bunch of nuts! My Cousins are my best friends, my Aunts, Uncles who I know have my back constantly and my Grandparents that I don’t get to see anymore, but so impact me every day. These people are what I most care about. It’s not always easy or smooth sailing, but our family is loyal to the core, overly protective to a fault, proud as hell of who we are, obnoxious, funny as hell, stick-together-through-thick-and-thin kinda family. They are my whole heart.

There. 10 Things I Really Care About. Can that ease the discourse slightly from my controversial 10 Things I Don’t Really Care About? Just a little, like maybe 23% eased? Please? I’m a nice person who will try to care more about history….and The Beatles. But, not Space. I just can’t with Space.

Hey, Happy Saturday y’all.

Why don’t you tell me what you care about? I’d love to hear it and if you really care about space, it’s okay.

-Chick A

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