The Chicks are Breaking Up

Now that I’ve got your attention.

We aren’t really breaking up.  Well, we sort of are.

If you recall, we’ve mentioned it before, Chick A and I work together at our “real” job.  We like to think that blogging is our real job, but it clearly isn’t.  This sh*t pays zero bills.  Zero.  For now anyway.  Someday, we’re going to be famous bloggers.  And we’re going to be on Ellen.  (Funny sidenote, anyone Chick A ever meets and tells about TFC, she also tells them that we are going to be on Ellen.  Always.  Sorry to everyone she has ever lied to.)

Well, as of November 20th, the Chicks will no longer work together.  Say what????

I know, I know.  It was a hard thing for me to come to terms with too.  Chick A is still a bit in denial.  She hates change (remember?).  She hates it so much. And in the last month she has had a lot of it, primarily surrounding leaving her first born in the hands of someone else (remember?).  So this breakup, this work breakup, it might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.  We might lose her people!

But seriously.  Change IS hard.  And leaving a job after 8.5 years, IS hard.  It is.  I’m not going to get into the specifics behind where I’m going or why I’m leaving, because I feel like there are some HR departments out there that read this blog and maybe, someday, we’ll somehow get in trouble.  I’m not even sure if that is a real thing, but until TFC starts paying my bills, I can’t risk it.  Just know that some of the things that entered my brain during this life changing decision making process were:

  • But we have a cafeteria.  Can I really leave the cafeteria??  I probably should leave the cafeteria.  Then I’d stop eating so many GD french fries and cookies.

  • And the gym too.  Can I really leave the gym??  Oh wait.  I’ve been to the gym 3 times this year.  Yes, yes I probably can leave the gym. Especially since I won’t be eating nearly as many french fries and cookies.

You know, the important stuff in life.  Health insurance and 401k match and vacation time were all taken into account as well, but primarily it had to do with the cafe and the gym.  And leaving Chick A.

No word of a lie…as the news of me leaving has started to make its way through our company, I hear the same things from people: “What?? Where are you going?? Congratulations!  Wait…what is Chick A going to do?!?!!”.  People are SO concerned.  Rightfully so.

I’m doing it though.  I’m moving on.  After 8.5 years of walking through the same doors, starting November 30th, I’ll walk through new doors.  I’m excited.  And terrified.  But mostly excited.  It’s so amazingly hard to quit a job.  Especially a good job, with a good company, with amazing people.  Amazing people.  For real.

So what does this mean for you, dear reader?  Nothing.  The Chicks are still going to be as hilarious as always.  We’ll just be doing it a little bit further apart now.

And you might need to bring Chick A some tissues.  Lots of them.  :/  Like 400 boxes.

-Chick E


Sometimes, when we are parting ways, we like to take pictures of each other.


We like to think we are artsy


Maybe our best day ever…on our way to see NKOTB

7 responses to “The Chicks are Breaking Up

  1. How do I, say goodbye, to what. We haaadd? The good times that made us laugh are way in baaaccccckk…..if we get to see forever, I hope it’s worth all the wait…’s so harrrrrd, to say goodbye….to yesterday. Ooohhh!!

    I’m using humor to cover my complete sadness.

    I heart you Chick E. My little hamster.


  2. Wow!!!! A real breakup. This is serious stuff. Thank goodness the weekend is coming up so I have some time to prepare myself for your last week. I hope the benefits are significantly better because leaving a cafeteria is HUGE. Now I have to go and take something to settle my nerves.


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