Chick A’s Girl Crush Exposed (pun intended) and Rant About Your Fat Ass.

Listen, I know that a lack of self-confidence in women is nothing new. Since the dawn of media, I believe the issues of self-esteem with women & men, young & old have just reached new levels of low. Which gets me thinking, “Why is my self-esteem so high?” The media says I should crawl in a hole and die because I am fat. I am not worthy of being considered beautiful by the main stream, only by media outlets like “Lane Bryant” and “Torrid”. But, I don’t think that. Most every day when I see myself in the mirror, I wink at myself, smile and nod my head in approval of the cutie I see in there.

Lately, it seems like there is debate every day about who and what should be celebrated when it comes to women’s bodies.

The whole, Ashley Graham debacle. HOLY SHIT, a NORMAL sized and RIDICULOUSLY hot model was on the f’ing cover of Sports Illustrated and people lost their GD minds. “We shouldn’t be glamorizing women being overweight!!!” The skinny people shouted from the rooftops! (Probably some of the fat people were shouting it too because they have sadly drank the Kool-Aid and eaten the donuts too.)

Can I just mention that the magazine is called, “Sports Illustrated”…how is women in painted on bathing suits and teeny tiny bikinis made of Saran Wrap and fig leaves considered “sports”?? Listen, I don’t care, I’m all for every single woman doing whatever the hell she wants to do with her body, wear on her body, flaunt her body…however she sees fit as long as she’s not doing it under duress. As long as she’s happy about it. If SI called me tomorrow and said, “We really want to piss people off and put a 100 pound overweight woman who has never modeled a day in her life (except in her bedroom…woot!) on the cover of our magazine!” I’d be all, “Sign me up!” I’d be totally okay with that. I love two things. My body and a whole lotta money.

If I were into chicks…..holy moly…. #motivation

People are so concerned about Ashley being “unhealthy” and having SI glamorize that, but I have known many skinny people who were not healthy. I’m sure there is a model or two out there that have had severe health problems due to anorexia and bulimia, but that’s okay, right? As long as you’re skinny, it’s okay. Let’s just say, for argument’s sake, that Ashley is unhealthy. Which, I guess would mean she had high cholesterol or diabetes or I don’t know, bad knees or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, I don’t even know what the hell they’re talking about…but anyways, let’s just say she was, indeed, unhealthy. WHO CARES?? So, should unhealthy people remain in captivity until they are healthy aka skinny again? Should they still not love themselves?? Or should they get on the cover of a major magazine publication and say, “This is me. Love me or leave me, bitches.” Do you think little girls are seeing Ashley and thinking, “Ooh! I want to be curvy too!!” Probably not. Because they’ve seen 70 trillion images of skinny chick models to every 1 curvy chick model.

To me, as an overweight women, Ashley Graham is a beacon of sexy-ass hope, that people will see her, all curvy and hot and think, “Damn, she fine!” Maybe rethink their stupid ideas about beauty. To me, beauty is in your confidence, your smile, the way your carry yourself, the way you speak and care for others.


It’s like how I think about people’s houses….if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still keep your house neat and clean. You can still put your plastic kids toys in the backyard. It’s kinda the same thing. Maybe you’re overweight, but still rock an outfit. Put on some lipstick and a headband and buy yourself an expensive push-up bra and go walk the halls at work like it IS a runway, gurl!! That’s what I do!

Everyone just stop finding reasons to bitch. Stop bitching about what you see on TV (“Ashley Graham shouldn’t be on the cover of SI Swimsuit!!!), to what you see in the mirror (I am a fat, ugly cow!!!) Everyone just….be nicer. To others and yourself. If you don’t think fat people are hot, don’t buy that issue of SI…and don’t get in a relationship with a fat person. Easy peasy. (But remember, that skinny person could gain weight!! And then you might love them for who they are INSIDE and then what????)

And to end this rant, I just want to say…love yourself for who you are right now. With your fat thighs, your sexy legs, your arms that look like bat wings, your beautiful eyes, your bowl-fulla jelly belly, your killer boobs, (or let’s say “your sexy chest” if you’re a guy reader) your 2 chins, and most importantly your totally gorgeous brain.

I love you and think you’re hot and that’s all that matters.

Comment below with your three hottest body parts. Do it.

Mine are: Boobs, legs and eyes. 🙂

Loving you,

-Chick A


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