My To Do List Makes The Bible Look Like a Leaflet.

Life IS hard. It’s tough, man. There’s so many things to remember to do. So many things to be your best self, be less stressed, be more organized, be kinder, more successful, prettier, safer, basically….awesomer.

Below are examples of some of the thousands of thoughts, ideas & mental to do lists that come and go in my head every day…

  • Look halfway decent at work, if not stunning.

  • Make kids lunches healthy AND not boring.

  • Water plants

  • Paint Guest Room

  • Organize that cabinet above the cookbooks.

  • Pay those insurance bills- holy crap, why are they so expensive??

  • Eat protein at breakfast.

  • Cover up blemishes.

  • Don’t drive like a maniac.

  • Organize Garage

  • Be kind to strangers and those I love most.

  • Clean and organize the basement.

  • Eat more vegetables.

  • Why are people so mean to each other?

  • Call Dad.

  • Drop Off K at 530, Go to J’s Art Thing at 6, Pick Up K at 730

  • Say how you feel, but not all the time, sometimes just shut up.

  • Be selfish sometimes, this life isn’t JUST about making OTHERS happy.

  • Return that shirt to TJ Maxx.

  • Go out of your way to make others happy, often.

  • Make Vet Appointment to check out Sam’s bumps

  • Stop eating so much f’ing sugar, it makes you feel like shit and you know this, you stupid dummy.

  • 3 drinks is enough for me at a party, then things start slipping downhill.

  • Renew Driver’s License.

  • Pull up your pants over your stomach so you don’t have a spare tire.

  • Set up meetings with potential clients.

  • Make sure there is nothing gross in your teeth.

  • Go see the local Dedimus Justice to swear me in for my second term of Notary Public. (Yeah, that’s a real thing.)

  • Have a housewarming party already! You’ve lived there almost 8 months!!

  • Should I go back to school?

  • Do I have mental problems? Like, real ones? Not just like when your friend says to you, smiling, “You have serious mental problems…”

  • I need to volunteer more.

  • Don’t eat in the work cafeteria anymore, only food from home, it’s healthier.

  • Am I allergic to onions?

  • I don’t want to use the word hate anymore.

  • Work on that recipe book project that’s been sitting in the office for three years!

  • I hate yard sales.

  • OMG. I just said I wasn’t going to use that word anymore! Ugh.

  • I feel so sad about that penguin whose baby died and she was in mourning. Poor penguins.

  • Weed your entire house or everyone will think you’re lazy.

  • Don’t judge others, you’re not perfect.

  • Did I reply to that wicked nice text that my hair stylist sent me, that was so thoughtful & kind? Dammit, I didn’t. I’m such an asshole! (Sorry Liz.)

  • What the hell can I make for dinner tonight?

  • Get rid of everything in my house I don’t need.

  • I’m so tired. Why am I so tired all the time?

  • How many more steps to 10k? Crap, I’m only at 3200.

  • My stomach hurts.

  • I really need to blog more.

  • Who is going to be the next President? I’m so worried. (Won’t go further than that here. 🙂 )

  • I love Jennifer Lawrence.

  • I have to pee. Why do I have to pee so much? Is there something wrong with my bladder?

  • I wish I could just not work and tend to my garden, my writing, my cooking, my family and get an awesome tan this summer.

  • Did that friend that I sent a text to and not reply take my tone the wrong way and now they’re mad at me?

  • I need to buy Q-Tips.

  • Should I quit my job and just dive head first into my new business venture?

(Oh, so that said, you should check out my new business venture website at…Basically, if this was your list, I bet I could take at least 10 of those things out of your brain…that would be good, right?)

That’s just like a few things I can think of, off the top of my head…(seriously, that list took me like 2.5 minutes to accumulate…that’s where I live, in my head, constantly….) It’s exhausting & sometimes makes me feel a little, I don’t know….insane. And that list, is seriously just the tip of the enormous and never-melting iceberg.

What’s on your mental streaming list of all the things you need to do/be/feel/question/accomplish/decide? Comment below. Let’s feel insane together.

Heart you,

-Chick A


5 responses to “My To Do List Makes The Bible Look Like a Leaflet.

  1. Dear Patty, I know. I’ve been buying books on mediation and “What the Buddha Taught” lately, to try to find my Zen. Thanks for reading my rants and always having great comments.
    -One of your “other daughters”. 🙂

    P.S. Seriously, there are SOO many weeds!!! :/


  2. Chick A , this is where meditation comes in to clear your thoughts. I did this year’s ago at concord hospital and then stopped taking the time. Kinda forgot about it. I should bring it into my life again and stop listening to CNN. My dear friend..I think our thoughts take control far too often. In your case look at all you do. Miss A, stop beating yourself up. Spray your weeds don’t pull them..
    And do you have to plant the garden this year? Don’t fret about being nice to.people, you do it naturally and beautifully…it is your gift
    You are not are a woman with a full plate who happens to to be a perfectionist. Love your blogs. Love you
    One of your “other mothers”.

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  3. OK chicks now hear this
    Get the list outa your head! Carry a little note book in your purse, write the important stuff down.
    Prep your food ahead of time for everybody’s lunches. Make a supper meal plan, and a list! Shop accordingly.
    Stop worrying about every little thing.
    Play with your kids, they will be leaving for college anyway!
    Never say anything out loud you want to take back. Because you can’t, no matter how bad you want to!
    Get and give all the hugs and kisses from your kids now, enough to last you a lifetime!
    Love your man, and remind him how much you love him, the happier you keep him the more he will help out ! Date night should be a real thing on a regular basis!
    Love yourself, forgive yourself, and take care of yourself, and enjoy your life!
    That is all! 😉

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  4. My to do list is identical to yours(give or take a few names)! I call it crazy brain. I once found a to do list that said, wake up, watch taxi,7go to sleep. I miss the simple life. Lol. Love your posts, they make me chuckle!

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