Therapeutic Blogging

My God, how has it been so long?  So many months since I’ve entertained you with my rants and ramblings?  Where on earth has the time gone?

The Chicks broke up a year ago.  Remember?  No?  See here.  Not a real break up.  A work break up. Which is often very much a real break up.  Because who wants to see work people outside of work?  I mean, people always say they’ll stay in touch, but do they ever really do that?  For a little while, perhaps.  But the Chicks, we are different.  We still rapid fire text each other every day or every other day at least.  We still try to lunch and shop.  But the blogging…oh how the blogging has suffered.

The last year has been interesting.  Work changes for both the Chicks.  Did you know Chick A has ventured off on her own?  See here if you ever need some kick ass home organization performed.  And I’ve been off on a new venture as well.  Not nearly as cool, as I still have to bow down to the “man”.  It’s been busy, tiring, busy, challenging, busy, fun, exciting, busy.  All of those things.  But mostly busy,  and my therapeutic, highly entertaining blogging, has unfortunately suffered.  As have you, my dear readers.  I fear the last year of your life has been less than because of me.  (Too much?)


I really do.

So I think it’s time for the Chicks to make a comeback.  Because this blog is WAY cheaper than therapy.  And I could use a little therapy at the moment.  You know what I’ve learned in the last year?  Here’s a small sampling…

  • Life is exhausting.

  • Facebook is WICKED annoying – you all have kids.  We get it.  A pic a day is not required to prove it.

  • Kids are sort of a-holes, and they never want to eat anything of any nutritional value.  Doritos are a new favorite breakfast food.

  • Presidential elections bring out the best in people.

  • is literally the only way to shop.  Going to stores is soooooooo awful.  Except for Target.  Target is heaven.

Just a small taste of what’s to come, should I ever get myself together and consistently write blogs again.

Missed you all.  Don’t give up on the Chicks.  We need this blog to make us famous some day so we don’t have to work anymore.  I tried buying a Powerball ticket yesterday to achieve that goal, but that didn’t work.  I really thought I had a chance there.

Forever yours, Chick E


He would…I know he would…

One response to “Therapeutic Blogging

  1. Peterlabranche says this is a great way to vent. So many people are looking for a way to vent. Not everyone has the chance to but you can here. So go for it and let it all hang out and see what happens. Can’t be any worse than holding the stuff back inside your head!!


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