2020 Is Whack

Need we say more? This year can take a hike, amiright?

The Chicks have been on a solid blogging hiatus but we figure now, more than ever, you might need some laughter in your life. Amiright? (We know that’s not a word).

Drop us a comment with things you want to hear us talk about! We can find a way to make just about anything funny. Covid? We’ll do it. Masks? Absolutely. Remote learning? After a few PTSD tears, sure. We’ll tackle it. A terrifying presidential election? We will try. An entire coast on fire? That might be pushing it.

For the last 180 days or so, we’ve been just trying to survive, like all of you. Blogging is probably something we should’ve been working on but honestly, Chick E forgot her WordPress password and Chick A has mostly been drunk. Kidding! They’ve both been mostly drunk. Anyway. We’re going to make an epic comeback. Stay tuned. We’ve missed you.

-The Chicks

One response to “2020 Is Whack

  1. Happy to have you back! Can we talk about eating out, and the ridiculousness of paper and plastic plates, silverware, cups? Aren’t they using dishwashers in these places? Forget it, I’ll drink my fancy craft beer at home out of a frosted glass instead of a solo cup.

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