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A selection of items on Chick A’s mind today, for your reading pleasure.

For the past three days, there has been an unusually large number of robins in my yard. Like, maybe two dozen or so at a time. Isn’t that weird? Why are they all here all of the sudden? Has a new worm family moved in? I’ve never seen this before, it strangely weirds me out.

Robin - Friends of the Lakeshore Nature Preserve

I get so mad every fall because I have this desire to take a photo of the trees around my property once a day starting at the end of August until all the trees are bare in the winter. I think that’ll be a cool photography project, but for the last four years that I’ve aspired to reach this goal, there’s always been that one day that I walk outside and say, “Shit! They’re already orange!! Dammit.”

everyday i'm rustlin' - Everyday I'm Rustlin' | Meme Generator

One perk to being single is that you don’t ever have to put that much thought into meals if you don’t feel like it. The times I’ve been single, I’ll maybe eat yogurt, a cheese stick, a handful of chocolate chips, and like some slightly stale crackers that I found in that back of my pantry and be completely fine. Imagine offering that at your family dinner?

Savage AF - Page 6 —

I’m extremely focused on things that don’t really matter and have incredible attention deficits in regards to things that REALLY matter. I just spent two hours working on a logo for a business I don’t even own. But, I have months of work to do on a project for my *actual* business.

The surprising power of spacing out and more health news - Deseret News

I think “amazeballs” is one of the best words that has come about in my lifetime.

Amazeballs | Funny quotes, Just for laughs, Funny pictures

Why can’t food trucks come around neighborhoods like the ice cream truck, playing music related to their cuisine and surprising people?

CHEF: What Model Food Truck Was That? | Garrett On The Road


I’m very morbid. Whenever I get a card, I have a hard time throwing it away because what if this is the last time I have their signature?

Granddaughter Birthday Card (Birthday Card For Granddaughter, Granddaughter Birthday Card) | Greeting Cards | Herbys Year Gifts , Greetings Cards & Calendars

Even though I am a HUGE fan of candles, I get annoyed with how much they cost sometimes. Like, $40 to light something on fire??

You Can Measure Content or You Can Set Money on Fire Spin Sucks

Are you ever texting with someone and you keep typing the wrong thing or autocorrect keeps changing the word you’re trying to type over and over again and you get the maddest you ever get?

The 10 worst offences committed by cell phone users | The Denizen

Can plants really benefit from me talking to them?

It's a Thing: Bedtime Stories for Plants

A lot of things sound so easy to do in my head, like building a table, but I know that if I actually tried, it would be so incredibly hard and I would probably cry from frustration.

ESO Fashion | Common Table, Slanted (Elder Scrolls Online)

Why do people put “Baby On Board” signs on their cars? Listen, no matter who is in your car, I really don’t want to hit you.

Think about how friggen strong the roots of trees are! I mean, trees are so tall and heavy and the roots underground are just holding on for dear life every day. That sounds exhausting.

Journal: Oak Pine Tree Funny Pun Okay Fine Oakay Pine Trees Black Lined Notebook Writing Diary - 120 Pages 6 x 9: InGENIUS Publications: 9781082340680: Books

I need to learn more about how recycling works. I just found out yesterday that if you send an empty jar of salsa to recycling but haven’t rinsed it out, it’ll get rejected. First off, are they hand sorting all of this and checking if they’re clean? And you’d think there would be a process that cleans all the glass anyways, you know? I need to research this.

RECYCLING - Pop Culture - funny celebrity pictures

If I put a piece of outgoing mail in my mailbox and don’t put the flag up and my mail carrier comes by and puts mail in my mailbox and sees my outgoing mail in there, will they not take it?

Funny Mailbox | Cool mailboxes, Funny mailboxes, Mailbox

What are some of your random thoughts for today? Share them in the comments and make me feel like I’m not the only weirdo out here. (But remember that we try to keep this site PG-13, so let’s keep it classy, folks…)

Heart you,

-Chick A

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