About The Chicks


We are The Chicks.

I’m Chick A

And I’m Chick E


We met at work in 2009. We bonded over being on the same committee that murdered our souls a little with every meeting. We just clicked.

We have a lot in common:

We both get this weird throat thing after drinking milkshakes, it’s probably called “lactose intolerance”.  We both hate “Baby on Board” signs on cars…because…why? We both love to clean and discuss cleaning and buy each other cleaning products for Christmas. We both LOVE the “Sound of Music” and will randomly text each other song lyrics, “I am 17 going on 18….I’ll….Take care….of you…” Just to name a few things…

In August 2013, we decided to take our gourmet brand of comedy on the road. And by “on the road” I mean, to a free blog hosting site. Our motto is, “We Find the Funny in Everything“…and we do. Whether it’s surviving a heart attack, not sleeping for 6 months straight and wanting to runaway from home to compulsive eating and drinking….we’ll talk about it  all, why you ask? Because….why not?

Humans relating about the good + bad in life with humor is the key to life. We think so, anyway.

In an article called, “My New Boss” (Click Here to Read) Chick E describes perfectly our symbiotic relationship built on trust and respect, this blog will really shed some light on our relationship.

(By the way, because of the content of “My New Boss”, Chick E had to publish an addendum to calm our worried followers called,

“Thank You Concerned TFC Followers: AKA Our Parents”. (Find this one Here.)

We live in Maine and New Hampshire, have 4 kids, a dog, an alleged cat, a Domestic Partner, a husband, 2 houses, a black car, a blue car, a whole lotta shoes, about 8,000 texts that go back and forth between the two of us daily and one of the best friendships that there can be.

Thanks for reading and getting to know us and listening to the insane things we have to say.

We truly heart you,

-The Chicks

(In case Vogue needs a photo)


7 responses to “About The Chicks

  1. Thanks so much for following our blog, Jan! Your daughter is totally inspiring to me and I hope to be even half as fit and kick-ass as she is sometime in my life!! 😀

    -Chick A


  2. That Kblue-fit teacher is my daughter and I absolutely loved your blog on your first day in her class. She had no choice but to be fit from the day she was born. We signed her up for fit by 5 classes, and watched through a glass window, she sat and watched, and watched and never participated until the end. We decided to call the class Fat by five, terrible parents that we were. Any way her dad thrives on exercise, of any kind. I had to become active to survive and have something to talk about at dinner. I hope you stay with it, in months my daughters body turned buff, and I sadly look at my nearly 70 year old body, sagging skin, wrinkles everywhere but mind you, I still run, bike, ski and canoe, it’s in the blood now. Have a blast and I will continue to follow your blog.

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  3. Would either Chick A or Chick E like to guest blog sometime on my blog? It’s called Angst, so of course angst in all forms is allowed. Mental illness is encouraged, sarcasm is preferred, as is swearing. Also, just FYI, that Chick E totally knows me…I blog on stealth mode. Stealth blogger. Hit me… victoriaangst@gmail.com BLAM!! You’ve been propositioned!

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