I just ran 2.5 miles. Can I have a cupcake now?

colorburst cupcakes 3

This was an actual statement that came out of my mouth last night. I have a slight problem with “junk food”.  I hate calling it junk food.  It feels offensive.  It’s not junk, it’s delicious and amazing. Here are some of my favorites:

  • pizza
  • chicken fingers
  • candy – nearly all varieties, way too many to list
  • ice cream
  • french fries
  • donuts
  • most varieties of pastries
  • cake and cupcakes

I’ll stop there.  This could take all day.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am not a big person.  For most of my life I have been able to eat whatever I want with zero fear of gaining weight.  Then two years ago I had the misfortune of turning 30.  All bets are off now. Having just had baby #2 I have approximately 10lbs I would like to lose.  This sounds reasonable for people who understand that eating “eggs” for breakfast, does not mean eating 6 Cadbury creme eggs (yes I have actually done this before).  For me it’s a little tricky because I have serious issues with sugar.  A study recently came out that said that Oreo cookies are more addictive than cocaine.  Of course they are.  Well for me they are anyway.  I will eat the shit out of a bag of Mega-Stuffed Oreos.  I have zero interest in a bag of cocaine.

Funny side note, within 2 hours of that story airing on the news, 6 people sent me a link to it.  I guess it’s fairly obvious that I have a problem.  They played it off like it was funny but I think each one of them was thinking “GET SOME HELP LADY!  YOU’RE AN ADDICT!”.  I wonder if they’ve all gotten together to schedule my intervention…

Anyway, back to losing 10lbs.  In order to do this, I know what needs to happen.  Diet and exercise.  Since I can’t get the diet part down, I have been trying to get “back into” running.  I use that term loosely, “back into”, because I’m quite sure I was never “into” running.  Running might be the worst thing in the world.  It feels so awful.  The only positive thing I will say about it is yes, I do feel good after I’ve done it.  But during the run I want to die… every.single.step.

Here is my major problem with exercising.  As soon as I do it, I feel totally justified in eating “junk”.  “Oh, I just worked out.  I think I’ll eat some cookies/Kit Kats/cupcakes/Doritos/insert_junk_here”.  Working out is totally counter-productive for me.  Well that’s not true.  It’s got to be somewhat productive.  If I had even the slightest bit of willpower it would be a whole lot more productive.  *sigh* Oh well.

For now, my skinny jeans don’t fit and my regular jeans have become skinny jeans.  So, lose-win. Off to the gym…so I can eat those Kit Kats I was just talking about.  This unfortunately is a true story. 😦

-Chick E

3 responses to “I just ran 2.5 miles. Can I have a cupcake now?

  1. A lot of cyclists have this issue because of the ridiculously high amount of calories we burn during a ride. So many in fact that you can be lulled into thinking whatever you eat will be taken care of by the 1100 cals you just burned on your 60 minute ride. If only that were the case…


  2. Love this. Running sucks – but I do always feel that after I do it, I am entitled to however much beer I so chose. (Beer=Oreos for me). I ran a 5k Saturday – then proceeded to drink a LOT of pumpkin beers, which equated to about 1000 calories, which is NOT the amount of calories I burned off in a 3 mile run. I probably said about 20 times that day, ‘it’s ok, I ran a 5k this morning’. Enjoy your kit-kats, life is too short.


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