5 Celebrities That Everyone Hates That Chick A Likes.


Justin Bieber

Yes, he is an over-indulged, misguided, bratty, immature child. Okay, I just Wiki’d him, he’s not really a “child” he’s 20 years old. But, like so many “child stars” his growth was stunted at the age of 13 when he was discovered via YouTube. I know what some of you think, he’s a jerk. And, yeah, maybe you’re right. But how many 20 year olds do you know that weren’t or aren’t jerks?? He just happens to have more money than every 20 year old you knew put together and cameras following his every move. I know, cry me a river, right? He’s a bazillionaire. Well, he’s still human…So listen, I do want to make one point about why I do like Justin Bieber. He truly is talented. I’ve watched a bunch of his “before he was famous” videos on the YouTube and he has a great voice, great range, can play the guitar like nobody’s beeswax for a 13 year old kid, c’mon…. Watch this if you’re looking at me all hairy-eyed…(is that a saying?)

Give the kid a break, alright?


Lindsay Lohan

Remember “Freaky Friday” and “The Parent Trap”? Those were both great movies. I’m serious. And “Mean Girls”?? Classic! LiLo is hated by so many because she has been known to be a bit of a train wreck at times. Making one bad decision after the other, she’s been arrest 20 times for goodness sakes…she’s had her fair share of problems, I get it. Self-induced, yes. She needs to take responsibility for her actions and do her best to make positive steps forward. And, yes, I did watch the documentary she did for OWN. Did it make me see her in a better light? No. Not really. She was very entitled and played the victim of her life a bit too much for my liking, but…here’s the thing, before you start wondering why she’s on my list of celebs that no one likes, but I do. She’s just screwed up a bit. I believe she has it in her to be a talented, kind, hardworking actress and human being. I could use the excuse of the crap parents, but I won’t, because again, she needs to take responsibility for her life. But, I don’t think she’s a bad person. She just got very lost on her path through life and hasn’t completely found her way yet….yet. I think she will. She’ll get some movie that surprisingly everyone will love (Not the Elizabeth Taylor one….) and everyone will remember why they fell in love with Little Miss Lohan.

princess diaries 1_2001

Anne Hathaway

When I thought about writing about this topic, I actually Googled “Most Hated Celebrities” and on every list I read was none other than Princess Mia Thermopolis?? Whhaaattt?? I was stunned. She’s actually on lists of people hating her?? With Bieber, Linds and Kim K?? What?? But yeah, sadly she is. Some of the reasons that people hate her and by the way, I have learned that these people even have a name, they are called, “”Hathahaters”…are for some really ridiculous reasons. Some I found were:

  1. She has a face full of mouth and teeth.– Really? Seriously? Come on.
  2. She Ruined “The Dark Knight Rises”.-I don’t remember if I saw this or not, I just asked my bf if I did and he said yes. So, I don’t think SHE ruined it, it was probably just terrible.
  3. She thinks she’s cool when she’s really boring.– Okay, I’m sure Louis Peitzman who wrote the article I am quoting from buzzfeed.com doesn’t know Anne personally, so I think he can’t really know if she’s A. “really boring” or B. “Thinks she’s cool.” I mean, I think I’m cool AND I’m really boring. So what, Louis Peitzman??

Anyways, I don’t think Anne should be anywhere close to this list. She hasn’t been arrested 100 times and made to wear multiple ankle trackers and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one mug shot of her. And, I think she’s really talented. I am maybe one of the World’s biggest Les Miserables fans and I was horrified by the 2012 version (Holy crap, if I ever meet the person that thought Russell Crowe would make a good Javert, omg….) but I thought she played a beautiful interpretation of Fantine. Plus, anyone that can pull off a pixie cut is alright in my book.


LeAnn Rimes

People get very angry about LeAnn Rimes. As if she was the first and only person to stray from a marriage. I know, I know, all the people that hate on her are perfect and never make mistakes. Come on people, grow up. I read this thing when researching why people hate her so much and of course, it’s mostly about the whole “adultery scandal”, but I guess she posted this picture on Tweeter or something in 2013…


Get it? Wrecker? Like, people think she’s a “Home Wrecker”? Get it?

I’m sorry, but good for her! That’s hilarious. First of all, it was how many years ago?? We, the general public do not know the exact details of what went on, so Judgy McJudgerson, take a break. It’s not like she cuffed him and stuffed him in her trunk and he was trying to get back home….or she drugged him for years….come on people. Stuff happens in life, she admitted her responsibilities and we all just need to move on. I think she’s cool. She’s won two Grammy’s, so obviously she’s talented, I don’t know a ton of her music…“How Do I Live” is really good…right?


The Kardashians

I don’t think there is currently a more hated singular (each one is hated just as much as the next) or group of celebrities than the Kardashians.

They’re just everywhere. So people, have SO much to talk about. Here’s the bottom line, for me…stop hating. Are they actors/singers/dancers/painters/scholars? No. (Not yet anyway…) They’re just people that happen to be rich and had the opportunity to have their own reality show on television, thanks to Ryan Seacrest. So, if anything, hate him! People say “Why are they famous? They have no talent??” And, although I have read that their numbers are declining, they still have almost 3.5 million people watching them every week! Why?? Because people HAVE to see what they’re going to do/say/wear/fight about etc…Plus, they have parlayed their luck with getting a show into 17 trillion other venues in which they make bazillions of dollars, so they have to be somewhat business-minded to Keep Up With all of it and to get as far as they’ve gotten. (Previous Pun Intended).

They’re doing what most people would do, seizing the moment. Although I do not know them personally (yet), I feel like in a lot of ways they’re kind of like a normal American family…sans the bazillions of dollars, 358 cars, mansions, closets bigger than my entire house, every luxury available to them at a moment’s notice, celebrity boyfriends and spouses and ex-spouses…..they are just a crazy group of people that are stuck with each other in this life, they have sibling rivalry, marriage problems, parents who are headed for a shooting on “Divorce Court”, they fight and make up and yes, post a lot of selfies. I honestly feel like Khloe and I would be best of friends. Okay, sorry. I know that sounds weird.

So listen, stop hating on the Kardashians. It’s soooo three years ago! I think they’re funny. And, yes, I do and will Keep Up with Them…

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now. Let me know what you think? Are you gonna stop being a TFC fan because I like the Kardashians?? Because I said the Biebs was really talented?? I’ll be watching those numbers….. 😉

Chime in about who you love or hate or hate to love or love to hate or any other version of emotions you have…

Heart you, and you all you hated celebs…I don’t hate you…

-Chick A



2 responses to “5 Celebrities That Everyone Hates That Chick A Likes.

  1. The Kardashians are famous not because of Ryan Seacrest. Kim’s little tape she made with Ray J and then distributed is why they are famous. They’ve nothing to offer.

    As for the Biebs, he’s a terrible person, regardless of his age. And folks making excuses for his behavior only further solidifies such behavior as acceptable.

    As for the rest of your list, I can never understand the Anne Hathaway hate. She’s a great actress and I can’t recall ever hearing any bad behaviors on her part.

    Lindsay well that’s another story and one helluva of a hot mess. She’s the perfect of example of talent wasted.


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